Saturday, 6 June 2009

Well Im not impressed with myself. Knew that I had let my weight and fitness slip but not to the level I'm at.
Now Ive got a lot of hard work to do and I really want to see adifference before I hit 40 in roughly 3 months time

Ive recently starting running ( if you can call it that ). I was never a distance runner at school, great at short bursts, the 100 metres etc but doing cross country was just an excuse to lag behind and sneak a ciggie. ;-))

Now the ciggies have been gone for I think coming up to 5 years but it may be more, and I have always admired those who run past my house and make it look so easy.

I started little attempts about 4 weeks ago, Oh My God, it was sooooooooo hard. Made the mistake of running until I couldnt get my breath, then walk for a bit, then repeat the running.

Big Mistake

Now I start off walking for a minute, then run fairly slowly for a minute and then alternate. I do a mile circuit and can do it in about twelve and a half minutes so far.

My first goal is to be able to run this mile route non stop
My long term goal is to be able to run 5 km, lose weight and improve my ( crap ) fitness levels.

I am also hoping that this will help with the panic attacks and lift the jags of depression.
i also am hoping that this is an achievable thing to do.

I have started this blog to help motivate me and to keep it going. Also to be able to look back to how things were at the beginning and see improvements and achievements when I'm feeling down about myself.

Fingers Crossed.

Yesterday's run was not too bad, weather was good so that helps. i started off and was feeling like I wouldn't be able to do it and should go home, but I made it round and it went quite ok and I wasn't gasping my last when I got back. Even managed to get a decent breathing rythem going for a short time. Yeah.

Crikey this was a long first blog, hopefully the next ones won't waffle on too much

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