Friday, 29 January 2010

Not again

Just read back my last entry and realise Ive forgotten to write my last run, probably cos it was rubbish! It was 20th, and went out with trout, was going ok and then we had to make a quick stop which upset the rhythm, anyway carried on but couldnt really get breathing into nice tempo, walked for a min then set off on last leg but it was up a long hill. Lost my breathing half way but did manage to get to top but breathing gone then, walked last few yards. It just felt itty bitty.
Since then Ive had a cold so no more running until today. Weather shite, sleeting and bit of a headwind, didn't feel good quite wheezy so thought Id only do 20mins, which was hard work in places. Got nearly home and it felt better so I detoured and did a bit further and actually finished on a strong stride, the best bit. Not too wheezy and did plenty of stretches but just a bit worried about why it seems such a struggle.

Friday, 15 January 2010

At last

Yeay a good run...finally
Well it was 27 mins of relatively comfortable running with trout with a short sprint at the end and boy is it about time.
Foot hurt before but not during, breathing good for the most part, didnt give up and walk on the harder parts, calves a bit stiff halfway but better than normal and a dash at the end. Even managed some yak on the easy bits.
Feels Good Baby

Monday, 11 January 2010


Hurray I managed to get out for a run today and Ive done a bit of course work and Ive not eaten rubbish and Ive posted this so today has been good.
Didnt set out on run in good spirits, weather dark cold and wet but I set off slow and managed to do 28 mins with only about 10 steps walking so pat on the back for me.
My foot was playing up before I ran but didn't hurt during, neither did my calves much. Breathing was okish but i think thats down to the cold and not running regularly for a few weeks due to the snow. I did have to run on slushy ice muck but it wasnt too bad
Havent gone to running club yet, always an excuse, but I do want to, even if its to decide its not for me.
Plus on Saturday went to see about membership to new Leisure Centre and that looks exciting. At least I could still run when weather is rubbish, could also build up my speed and do some leg weights which should help my running.
Right off to pick up hubby, nip some ironing back and then eat a lovely tea of salmon pasta.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well its now the 6th so Happy New Year and already ive not kept up with the blog, bad girl. So heres a quick recap of my last run.
Started really slow and it felt ok, foot wasn't playing up. Cold air did play up breathing again but I managed to run for 25 mins and I havent been too stiff after although my calves felt crampy during the run.
Was meant to run today but conditions not safe. Last run was the 3rd.
Have enquired into my local running club so need to pluck up courage to go see what its about.
Hope to run tomorrow.
Start new healthy eating as well