Saturday, 20 November 2010

7 full days

Well its been 7 days since my last run...ten hail marys .

Last time I posted id hurt myself running on treadmill.
Well today is the first day it hasnt hurt like a bugger and its the first run since then,
Was ok, few twinges, but nothing unbearable. Went slow and did the 2 mile circuit, was tempted to get another mile in when I got near home but played it safe.
Breathing is a bit wheezy, nothing major, but a reminder to take my inhalers more.

Have had to resort to Co Codamol but while they do reduce the pain they make me feel so dodgy I can only take them while Im at home.

Fingers crossed all is ok, back and hipwise, tomorrow.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Little run, ouch

Thought Id grab a quick run yesterday at the gym as the day before's was cut short due to calf stiffness.

It was ok, once I got past ten mins and into the interval bit. Now my side and back is really playing up.
I did feel a twinge when running but it went away so I ignored it.

Now Im even considering taking a co-codamol but they scare me as they make me feel weird and control freak that I am I know it will make me anxious, something I need no help with at the mo.

Gonna have to leave running for a few days and see how it mends.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Must post more

Havent posted my last 3 runs.
First was hard, hip hurt again but managed to do 3 miles after a week of poorly.
Second run was 2 miles  a bit harder, went ok but want to get faster
Third run on Saturday was on treadmill, 35 mins, fartlek training.
Usual speed is 7kph, Im trying to get up to 8 kph as a regular speed.
Varied it up to 11 kph, gosh that was a challenge but felt good.
Managed to run last 4 mins at 9kph and Im really pleased with that as I was tired but kept it going and breathing wsnt too bad. Then cooled down and stretched.

Hoping to go out in the morning depending on weather and time as Im at physio as well.