Sunday, 27 September 2009


Well its been a while since my last post. Since then I have done two things running wise.

The first was I upped my routine to the run 13 walk 2 and repeat once. I must admit I found the last part of the second run hard and was really wanting it to end.

Yesterday was supposed to be the second time running that routine. I had only run the mile route in between yesterday and the last run so I felt good injury wise. Started off and it felt slow even to me but got my breathing straight away. Got to where I should walk for 2 and thought bugger it I'll see how far I can manage before I have to stop.........and I ran the lot, and comfortably.

33 mins one go and I could have carried on. Fantastic. Even my legs felt ok although my ankles are a bit stiff today, mustn't grumble.

Now my watch said 5.79km but on mapmyrun it said 3 so something needs to be sorted.
Anyway Im chuffed. Am gonna look back to when I started when I could barely run for a minute. Big pat on back...

Saturday, 12 September 2009

New time

Yesterday I moved on to new routine of 9/1 x 3.

It went okay, the start was the usual difficult 5 mins then it got easier.
Second run went ok too, probably the best section.

The last part was ok really and there were inclines, one bigger than the others but not great to have on the last section. The last 3 mins were hard but not gasping my last hard.

I'm really stiff today though, muscles and tendons feel tight.
Am going to do the mile tomorrow i think. I still need to get my watch calibrated for distance but now there are no tracks on the school fields that I could have used. Will have to think of another way.

Pleased I managed to do this routine without too much of a struggle

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hard but ok

Well I have just been for the last of the 9/2 x 2 then run 8. The next run moves up to 9/1 x 3. I know its not a massive jump but I'm still finding this weeks routine hard.

My calves feel really stiff inspite of a walm up walk and then a little stretching. Breathing was ok but there was still some headwind which really makes is much harder.

The first section was hard for the first 4 mins then was ok.
Had a little stretch and then on to the second run.
Was ok again, breathing got better, but I'd gone out with the intention of coming back along a path through a field but the cows were milling about a right in the middle so didn't fancy a race with them. Decided to come back the way Id come, unfortunately there is quite a long incline.

Third run was hardest but not in a completely knackering way, that said was glad to complete it. But I was still a good half mile from home. Need to judge distances better. Walked home. Did decide to put a gentle jog( as if there is any other way for me) but my legs just stopped involunarily. Did run put a bit of a sprint in the last 30 metres...

Its done now, I just have to decide if I go up to next level.
Will give legs a couple of days rest before I attempt it so hopefully Friday will be the next run.
Glad I did complete it, didnt think I would up to the first 6 mins, wanted to turn for home but feel good that I didn't.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bloody windy

Well Ive just noticed I didn't write the last time I ran so will do a quick report for that run first.

It was the first time Id run 9 walked 2 x2 then an 8 min run at the end.
As much as I was dreading it it went better than Id hoped.

To start with it was earlyish, 8.15 in the morning. the weather was good for a run, bright but cooler than it has been and there was no wind.

The route I took was a bit of a different one but Id tried to avoid any major hills and all went well.

Today was different again. felt tired and I dont think my legs had fully recovered from the last run, plus all the time spent on my feet ironing.

Set off and the road is on an incline and the wind was blowing so two mins in I was out of breath and my legs felt like lead.

Told myself to keep going as it usually felt better after 5 mins.

Not this time. The whole run was hard work. On the last section I was supposed to run for 8 but I had to break that up into 2 because my legs were so tired and my chest hurt. Felt very wobbly when I got home although I did run the last bit home at a faster pace.

Felt strange for an hour after, like blood suger was low.

I need to set up my monitor watch to give me an accurate calorie/distance read out.