Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bloody windy

Well Ive just noticed I didn't write the last time I ran so will do a quick report for that run first.

It was the first time Id run 9 walked 2 x2 then an 8 min run at the end.
As much as I was dreading it it went better than Id hoped.

To start with it was earlyish, 8.15 in the morning. the weather was good for a run, bright but cooler than it has been and there was no wind.

The route I took was a bit of a different one but Id tried to avoid any major hills and all went well.

Today was different again. felt tired and I dont think my legs had fully recovered from the last run, plus all the time spent on my feet ironing.

Set off and the road is on an incline and the wind was blowing so two mins in I was out of breath and my legs felt like lead.

Told myself to keep going as it usually felt better after 5 mins.

Not this time. The whole run was hard work. On the last section I was supposed to run for 8 but I had to break that up into 2 because my legs were so tired and my chest hurt. Felt very wobbly when I got home although I did run the last bit home at a faster pace.

Felt strange for an hour after, like blood suger was low.

I need to set up my monitor watch to give me an accurate calorie/distance read out.

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