Sunday, 27 September 2009


Well its been a while since my last post. Since then I have done two things running wise.

The first was I upped my routine to the run 13 walk 2 and repeat once. I must admit I found the last part of the second run hard and was really wanting it to end.

Yesterday was supposed to be the second time running that routine. I had only run the mile route in between yesterday and the last run so I felt good injury wise. Started off and it felt slow even to me but got my breathing straight away. Got to where I should walk for 2 and thought bugger it I'll see how far I can manage before I have to stop.........and I ran the lot, and comfortably.

33 mins one go and I could have carried on. Fantastic. Even my legs felt ok although my ankles are a bit stiff today, mustn't grumble.

Now my watch said 5.79km but on mapmyrun it said 3 so something needs to be sorted.
Anyway Im chuffed. Am gonna look back to when I started when I could barely run for a minute. Big pat on back...

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