Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hard but ok

Well I have just been for the last of the 9/2 x 2 then run 8. The next run moves up to 9/1 x 3. I know its not a massive jump but I'm still finding this weeks routine hard.

My calves feel really stiff inspite of a walm up walk and then a little stretching. Breathing was ok but there was still some headwind which really makes is much harder.

The first section was hard for the first 4 mins then was ok.
Had a little stretch and then on to the second run.
Was ok again, breathing got better, but I'd gone out with the intention of coming back along a path through a field but the cows were milling about a right in the middle so didn't fancy a race with them. Decided to come back the way Id come, unfortunately there is quite a long incline.

Third run was hardest but not in a completely knackering way, that said was glad to complete it. But I was still a good half mile from home. Need to judge distances better. Walked home. Did decide to put a gentle jog( as if there is any other way for me) but my legs just stopped involunarily. Did run put a bit of a sprint in the last 30 metres...

Its done now, I just have to decide if I go up to next level.
Will give legs a couple of days rest before I attempt it so hopefully Friday will be the next run.
Glad I did complete it, didnt think I would up to the first 6 mins, wanted to turn for home but feel good that I didn't.

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