Thursday, 31 December 2009

So far so good

Here I am again and so soon after my last blog entry!
Two things changed, ive got new elastic laces and Ive laced my trainers differently.
Went out today and my feet/legs felt ok, breathing was a bit harder but theres a bit of a breeze and boy is it cold.
Took inhaler before I went and remembered my chewing gum. No wheezing and no dry throat so good.
As usual first 10 mins horrible, was waiting for rythem to kick in which it did, but didnt do long enough to completely get into one.
I think Im going to stick to 20 mins twice a week and maybe 30 mins once a week. See how it goes niggle wise and maybe I will get back to enjoying the running more. Think I was expecting too much of myself so soon. I also want to try trail running so will have to think up places to try.
Well this is the last post until 2010.
New years resolution is to try and get a better handle on things and to get problems like my back sorted. Oh and to have fun.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2 weeks off

Well since I last posted I havent run for 2 weeks and boy can I tell!
Hadto rest firstly as my tendon under my foot was really playing up which feels ok now so hope thats done the trick. Was also told to try loosening my laces which I have also done.Have just ordered some elastic laces off the net so maybe they will help me stop tying then so tight.
I have also ordered some running tights and a new top so maybe that will give me a bit of motivation as it seems to have gone south as I mentioned before.
Went out today and felt stiff right from the start, only managed 15 mins at the most, it felt rubbish. Breathing got straight into rhythem but felt wheezy and my throat was so dry as Id forgotton my gum. Also forgot my inhaler, am going to pop out for a little run againtomorrow and tyr to remember all the things Ive just mentioned.
Im going to take it back to 20 mins a time i think, just until its comfortable again. I am going to make it my New Years Resolution to write up my runs in the hope it will keep me encouraged.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Very Tired

Running has become quite hard these last couple of times, legs feel heavy, calves are stiff and today my ankles were sore.
Feel a bit fed up cos its seems to be getting harder not easier, and I havent really increased what Im doing, speedwise of distance. Doesn't help that friend is full of enthusiasm and has picked it up faster than me, feel a bit useless.
Ho hum

Wondering if I need to shake things up, I did the 3 mile yesterday and is was ok but not brilliant. Today I wanted to do the mile route and I did in 10.54 but I cant remember what my last time was so don't know if ive got better. It felt rubbish, I was too tired.
Thought about doing some hill work and maybe on a short run chucking in a few faster paces. Also want to go ontreadmill if poss, just for an easy run.

Just need to pat myself on the back for even getting gear on and going out even if its for a short run. Need to get my mojo back....

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Good run

Just a short 30 min run today---ha, never thought Id say that when I first started running.
Ran today with Penny and the last 2 timesIve ended up really wheezy, ok there were reasons, first run was headwind and the 2nd run had an early uphill.
Wasn't looking forward to it but went slow at my own pace instead of trying to match pens, much better and even had a mad dash last 500 yards.
Must remember to go at own pace, its not always easy to not try and go at someone elses but its so demoralising when you know you can do that distance but are struggling early in the run.
Need to take it easy until my breathing has settled.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Another long one under my belt

Did another 3 mile run in 41 mins today. That knocked 2 mins off the last time, but more importantly its only the second time Ive done it so Im happy.

It had its hard parts and less hard parts.

I always start off not knowing if I can manage to run the full distance, knowing I'll be dissapointed if I have to walk some.
Legs were sore even after 4 days off but still carried on being the trouper that I am. Usually once you get into the run these niggles go away but they didn't today.

After 15 mins it got easier, mainly as I was going down hill and could take some deeper breaths.
Was glad to get the last hill out of the way and the last 500 yards I seem to be able to speed up.

I want to try and get some speed runs into my other ones so next run will run for 10 mins warm up then do a few metres at a faster pace then recovery pace a few times then the last 5 back down to normal pace. Hope it goes ok but it sounds hard....

Another long one under my belt

Another long one under my belt

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

good today

Today went for an easier run timewise with Pen, she's easing back into it after a weeks holiday and shin splints last run.

Went good, cold to start but weather was good. No rain today. Wasn't easy but wasnt horrible like yesterday. Stiff now but enjoyed run

Yesterdays run felt rubbish....was hard work from the start and it kept being hard work all the way through. Felt like something was sitting on my chest and I couldnt take deep breaths. Even had to walk for a couple of mins 3/4 of the way through. Ah well.

Hope friday is a good one. Want to look for some off road runs

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I see Ive been slack again, its been a month since my last confession-sorry post...

The last post was the first time I had managed to run for half an hour nonstop. Well two things since then, firstly I have managed to keep up the 30 mins run, sometimes even a few mins longer.

Secondly, my bessie mate has decided to join the running brigade. She tried it before and hated it because she went off like a shot, up and down hills, and ended up completely exhausted and hating it.

We started out on the first section of the run/walk programme, but she's progressing much faster than I did- although it did take me around 3 week to realise I was going to fast when I first started..

She's loving it, even going to take her trainers on holiday nest week!! She'll soon be up to the 30 mins and then we can run together more often. Ive been going with her as often as I can but I still need to do my long run so its not always possible.

Yesterday I mapped out a route on mapmyrun of 3 miles as my tracker runs higher than true. about .7 of a mile which is too much.

Anyway I set off, bit cautious as I had a fairly good hill early on which I hadnt run before and I was a bit concerned it would tire me too soon.

Everything felt great, one of those runs where nothing hurt, breathing was right from the start etc. Got to the hill and it was all going like clockwork and then...I need the toilet.

I thought I'd carry on but it got worse, up to the point I got very concerned. I had to walk.

The nearest toilet was about 15 mins walk which thankfully I managed to get to before I disgraced myself, but I'd lost my running rhythm.

I carried on but it didnt feel so easy. Still had a 20 min non stop run but must admit I was dissapointed as it was shaping up to be a great run.

Ah well, thats how it goes sometimes, there's always the next run...

Sunday, 27 September 2009


Well its been a while since my last post. Since then I have done two things running wise.

The first was I upped my routine to the run 13 walk 2 and repeat once. I must admit I found the last part of the second run hard and was really wanting it to end.

Yesterday was supposed to be the second time running that routine. I had only run the mile route in between yesterday and the last run so I felt good injury wise. Started off and it felt slow even to me but got my breathing straight away. Got to where I should walk for 2 and thought bugger it I'll see how far I can manage before I have to stop.........and I ran the lot, and comfortably.

33 mins one go and I could have carried on. Fantastic. Even my legs felt ok although my ankles are a bit stiff today, mustn't grumble.

Now my watch said 5.79km but on mapmyrun it said 3 so something needs to be sorted.
Anyway Im chuffed. Am gonna look back to when I started when I could barely run for a minute. Big pat on back...

Saturday, 12 September 2009

New time

Yesterday I moved on to new routine of 9/1 x 3.

It went okay, the start was the usual difficult 5 mins then it got easier.
Second run went ok too, probably the best section.

The last part was ok really and there were inclines, one bigger than the others but not great to have on the last section. The last 3 mins were hard but not gasping my last hard.

I'm really stiff today though, muscles and tendons feel tight.
Am going to do the mile tomorrow i think. I still need to get my watch calibrated for distance but now there are no tracks on the school fields that I could have used. Will have to think of another way.

Pleased I managed to do this routine without too much of a struggle

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Hard but ok

Well I have just been for the last of the 9/2 x 2 then run 8. The next run moves up to 9/1 x 3. I know its not a massive jump but I'm still finding this weeks routine hard.

My calves feel really stiff inspite of a walm up walk and then a little stretching. Breathing was ok but there was still some headwind which really makes is much harder.

The first section was hard for the first 4 mins then was ok.
Had a little stretch and then on to the second run.
Was ok again, breathing got better, but I'd gone out with the intention of coming back along a path through a field but the cows were milling about a right in the middle so didn't fancy a race with them. Decided to come back the way Id come, unfortunately there is quite a long incline.

Third run was hardest but not in a completely knackering way, that said was glad to complete it. But I was still a good half mile from home. Need to judge distances better. Walked home. Did decide to put a gentle jog( as if there is any other way for me) but my legs just stopped involunarily. Did run put a bit of a sprint in the last 30 metres...

Its done now, I just have to decide if I go up to next level.
Will give legs a couple of days rest before I attempt it so hopefully Friday will be the next run.
Glad I did complete it, didnt think I would up to the first 6 mins, wanted to turn for home but feel good that I didn't.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bloody windy

Well Ive just noticed I didn't write the last time I ran so will do a quick report for that run first.

It was the first time Id run 9 walked 2 x2 then an 8 min run at the end.
As much as I was dreading it it went better than Id hoped.

To start with it was earlyish, 8.15 in the morning. the weather was good for a run, bright but cooler than it has been and there was no wind.

The route I took was a bit of a different one but Id tried to avoid any major hills and all went well.

Today was different again. felt tired and I dont think my legs had fully recovered from the last run, plus all the time spent on my feet ironing.

Set off and the road is on an incline and the wind was blowing so two mins in I was out of breath and my legs felt like lead.

Told myself to keep going as it usually felt better after 5 mins.

Not this time. The whole run was hard work. On the last section I was supposed to run for 8 but I had to break that up into 2 because my legs were so tired and my chest hurt. Felt very wobbly when I got home although I did run the last bit home at a faster pace.

Felt strange for an hour after, like blood suger was low.

I need to set up my monitor watch to give me an accurate calorie/distance read out.

Sunday, 30 August 2009


Did the third time of the 8/2 routine and it certainly went better than last time...thankfully

3 things were different,
it was early morning
it wasnt hot and
it wasnt windy....oh
and I picked a route with only a couple of small hills.

As usual 2 mins into the first run im moaning ( in my head), its too hard, my breathing isnt right, my knees hurt

Then I thought well just do the first section.
I did that and I felt quite good, bit of a warm glow to me but not running buckets like last time. The 2 minute walk part goes so fst now, I dont always feel ready to start running again but once i do the breathing gets back into a nice rhythm.

Once ive done the second run part i tell myself that if I just do half ot the last section ect I end up doing it all-Im still ready to finish though.

Still feel quite stiff but the main niggles have died down.

Next session goes up, run9 walk2 x 2 then run 8.

Will give it a try

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another mile

Did the mile circiut today and nocked off 25 seconds from my last run, down to 11.25 but don't feel that great about it.

It was hard, wasn't too hot but it was windy and headwind for half and that buggers up my breathing.

I knew I had started off quicker and then slowed down due to the wind and I did manage to push for the last bit but it still feels so hard despite the time saying Im getting better.

Not had a run for a while when I got home and it felt good.

I ran on Monday and it was way too hot, and there were a couple of inclines nothing big but they did drag on. I did manage all of the run but I went to far out and had quite a walk home.

Im going back to my usual run route next time, Im supposed to have one more 8/2 x 3 session but i think I may drop back to 5/2.5 x 4 just to get back to an enjoyable run rather than a completely knackered one.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A week!!

Well as the header suggests, its been a week since my last run. Been poorly and in no state to run but maybe thats a good thing as my legs aren't hurting yet, touch wood.

Today I really didn't want to run, felt tired it was windy etc etc.

Went out and it was not bad. On second part of the 8/2 routine and that was abit of a worry as Id not run for a week.

Went on a different route and I feel it helped. Ran around the fields for two sections of the run and then the third run section was on the road and inspite of it being the third run it was the easiest. Running on grass/stubble field is ok but harder.

Anyway, glad I completed it, any excuse for a Ice cream.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Bloody thing

Well not posted for a while cos I got a bit fed up. Running hurt especially the next day, and yes I know I should feel it, but it was pain rather than aches.

Been on the 7/3 ratio and not really feeling like its getting easier. Felt a bit stagnant but worried about going up to 8/2 run/walk because of the pain.

Anyway I have run the mile circuit a couple of times, and did it today and knocked 37 seconds off my first time so thats a big improvement. Really shouldn't have run cos I ran yesterday but wanted to try something out on my hrm.

Yesterdays run was the first of the 8/2 and it was ok. Last 4 mins or so of the last run was a bit hard. I know I have to push through when it gets a bit harder but some days are easier than others. I didn't realise how much of a difference it was but last night my legs ached like it was my first run so it must be harder than I realised.

Hopefully running again today wont have hurt too much. Im not running again until Tuesday I think. Depends how sore I am.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Worst run ever

I went out yesterday at about half 2 and it was so humid. I just couldnt run.
Well I did first rep of w3/r7 and it was hardish but I was going up hill so put it down to that.
The sweat was just running off me from then on. I started my second rep but 3.5 mins into it I had to walk as got light headed and my legs felt like lead. Did another min maybe of running and then walked for 3 and set off on my last set of 7 min run and although it was on a slight uphill it was so hard I was gasping by the end. I didn't realise this weather was so bad for running. I even sat outside in the drizzle for a couple of mins when I got home but the sweat kept coming for ages after, even after my shower.

Today Ive walked my dogs at half 8 in the morning and it felt the same. too hot and no energy.

Ah well next run is either fri of sat and I think Im going up a level to w2/r8. Depends how sore shin is.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

When does it get easier

Another run of 7/3 and its not getting any easier.

Didn't run yesterday as wanted to give foot leg a time to rest. It did feel better yesterday but today when I got up it felt sore again.

I did warm up and I took it steady ( no other way) but on second part of run I felt it start to pull again. Noy enough to make you stop, but enough to know Im going to feel it later.

My legs just felt weak today, especially my ankles.

Plus I cant get this fecking heart rate moniter to work as I want it to. I want to know how many calories I burnt but oh no it hasnt saved that info.
Just feels like a shit day
Completed the run but it wasn't a great feeling, Im also fed up of being sore and it not getting better.

Moan moan moan

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So so

Went for my second run of the week 4 routine and it was ok.
Well I suppose it was better than ok but things are a bit sore and I dont want them to stop me running so dont really know what to do.

First part of run was fine, no problems. Second was harder as I ran across a field and it felt harder work. The moo cows didn't even get up lazy buggers.

Third section was ok, back on the road but it did have a bit of a long incline then a short downhill and I know Im supposed to be avoiding them but it went ok.

Trouble with doing a new route is I was quite a way from home when I had done all three parts of routine. I did a bit of a sprint for a short distance then a slow jog ( as if I do any other) then i did a cool down walk. At least it didn't rain.

Have just paired up my watch to the computer and it will send all my run info to it. Hope it gives calories burnt as I would be really interested.

We have also made a vow of no crap to eat, at least in the week and just one thing at the weekend.

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and try and keep a food diary. I know it will be really slow coming off cos of the AD's but even if I see small changes its a start.

Didn't like what I saw in the shop changing room mirror yesterday, but think it was a kick up the bum I needed.

May run Friday or Saturday, not decided yet

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Back to Hard Work

Well after my last run of a mile and running for 12.38 solid I thought I'd carry on and start week 4 which is run for 7 mins walk for 3 mins. Wasn't expecting it to be too hard as I'd proved to myself I could run for 12 mins. How wrong I was.

I set off with the run part and by 2 mins into it it felt really hard. Breathing wasn't right to start with.
When I set off I went the other way round the circuit I normally do, going up my road. I know its uphill but its really gradual so I didn't think it would make a difference. It was also quite blustery and head wind and this made it so much difference. I felt I was back at the beginning and I really wanted to stop and go haome and try again later. I didn't and Im pleased I didn't give up but it wasn't a very pleasant experience.

On the 2nd run part it felt easier. This maybe because some of it was sheltered. Never the less the heavens opened and I was soaked through. I his under a tree for 2 mins of my walk bit but it had started to thunder so I thought Id better press on and get home.

Just standing instead of walking the rest bit between the second and third run made things so much harder. My legs felt so heavy and stiff at the start of the third run, they did soon loosen up but it made the whole of the last run as hard as the first. I walked my last 3 mins which acted as my cool down.

This was one of the hardest runs I've done, but I need to stay positive that I completed it as hard as it was.

Just dont want to injure myself or make these tendon strains worse so I did do cool down stretches as always.

Today my foot and shin still feel a bit sore but I dont think its enough to stop me.

Got 2 more sessions on week 4, next run either wednesday or thursday.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

First Mile

Well what a week, I havent run since my last blog on Sunday as Ive got a touch of tendonitis and I really dont want to make it worse. On the other hand I really dont want to lose the fitness level Im at so its bit of a worry.

As i wrote on my last post the run went really well and I was thinking I ought to stick to this part of the schedule for another week. But yesterday I thought I would do the shorter circuit which is a mile so I wasnt risking too much making the tendonitis worse. I thought I would just see how far round I could get before I had to stop. The last time I did this circuit I was only doing run for a minute walk for a minute and I was getting really out of breath.

I set off and everything was twinging but I hoped it would ease off. I think it did a bit. I managed to the bottom of the road which I couldn't do 3 weeks ago and thought ok I still feel ok I'll keep going. Got to that road end and then the next one and then I was on the home straight. Only thing was this bit was up a slight hill and I thought if anything was going to knock off my breathing this would. It didn't and I got all the way home!!!

My first ever mile!!!!

Never really thought I would be able to do it.
Granted it was slow at 12.38 but I could still talk at the end of it.

I have reach my first goal and I just want to carry on to my next one of running 3 mile/5km non stop.

The breathing has really got into a rhythmn now its just my muscles and tendons I have to build up.

Tomorrow is my next run and I don't know if to stick to this weeks schedule or move up. I dont want to worsen the sore bits but am a bit impatient so will decide tomorrow..

I am really getting into this

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Oh yes!!

Well todays run was fantastic, best one yet.

I didn't even know if I was going to run today as yesterday my everything hurt, especially my legs and feet and I didn't want to make them worse. And it was another 5 min run/ 2.5 walk 4 reps and to be honest after friday I was a bit scared of it. Friday was hard and I didn't know if I would be able to carry on if todays started off as hard. I had even toyed with the idea of going back to the run 3 walk 3 but I hate going backwards so I thought just try and Im so glad I did.

Everything went right, from the right tension on my laces to my breathing. I concentrated right from the first run section on my breathing and it worked itself into a great rhythm. I could even talk a bit and I wasnt gasping at the end of each 5 min run. Even the 2 hills didn't hurt too much.

I did hurt a bit, at the moment my hip hurts and Ive got minor shin splints and my foot tendon is sore so I'm going to do this section for 2 weeks whilst my body gets over these I dont want to risk an injury which puts me back. My chest is no longer burning after my run so thats great, must have been a bit of a bug.

Anyway feel really optamistic and positive. Am actually looking forward to next run on Tuesday.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Hells Bells

Well this is the first run on week 3, run 5 mins walk 2.5 mins and oh my god it is so much harder than last week run for 3 walk for 3.

I did expect it but from the start I doubted if I could complete the four repitions. First always seems to be hard and it was. Second was okish but still hard. Third was a bitch as I'd got one of the hills in that run and when I got to the top I still had a minutes running to do and all of a sudden my legs wanted to stop, it was strange. I did push on but it hurt.

The last one seemed to be impossible as I hadnt fully got my breath from the previous bitch run, but weirdly it was the easiest as my breathing just came together.

Im aching more, shin on right leg is a bit tender so I will be careful not to make it worse if I can help it. I was supposed to run last night but I felt sooo tired and worn out I thought it would do more harm than good. Glad I did leave it until today but felt a bit guilty, silly Moo. I think I may have to stay on this weeks routine for 2 weeks as it is a big jump from last weeks. Need to get more comfortable with it. Mind you I always seem to say that. time will tell.

Be positive and sensible.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bloody hell Ive just read my previous blog and thursday is the day to start week three section. Hmmm still undecided as to go for the increase. We'll see

week 2

Have just done the second part of week two and yes it was easier. I timed it properly and I didn't have any hills thankfully. Also went at a slow pace so at the end of the three minute running section I wasn't gasping.

All went well but on the last 3 min run I carried on until I got home which was a bit stupid cos I feel a bit crap now. That run was 7.5 mins. Really pleased I could do it cos I have my doubts about week 3 schedule of running 5 mins walking 2.5 mins. Am debating whether to stick to week 2 or be brave and carry on increasing. the last section is on thursday so will see how that goes.

Couple of worries, my feet seem to get really hot and I'm aware of them hurting a little. Can't seen to judge how tight to fasten my trainers. Also Im getting a bit wheezy, well I was after the last run of 7 1/2 mins but I suppose thats to be expected until that time gets comfortable.

I also havent had much to eat today, an apple this morning and some peanut butter which made me feel sick before I ran. No wonder i feel a bit crap.

Very pleased i did it though, and on my own although I prefer Harry to bike along side me for a bit of support when I ger jittery like today. Never mind I did it regardless so should feel good bout that.

Next run Thursday, hope its not too hot.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Good and Bad

Well I don't know if bad is the right word, hard is probably the word I mean.

This is the second run at 3 min run/3 min walk. First one was hard, second harder and the third was hell. Really thought that I wouldnt finish it all, especially after the third rep. I was gasping- but both the second and third running reps were up hills, the type where you have to stand up to pedal on a bike. First one I put down to starting off and not having the routine .

By the fourth rep it was good and the fifth rep I ran 4 mins and sprinted the last few yards.

Dont know how I feel about this section, it feels quite a bit harder than the last section, but then Im sure running for 2 mins felt like that when I started. Think I may have to repeat this week before going up to next increase, not sure what it is but I think its run for 5 walk for 3 and that seems abit of a way off at the mo.

Still having a little wheeze and cough after about ten mins of finishing, am taking inhaler but will see if it gets better.

Feet not hurting now, and legs dont feel as cramped up now Im doind short gentle stretches once I ve warmed up.

Next run on Tuesday. Over all today was a good run and Im :-))

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Well Ive just started the second part of the routine, run for 3 walk for 3 and it was hard.
I did do all the runs but the last minute of each one I lost my breathing a bit. Im still in 2 minds to whether Im ready to increase the run time, but to be honest doing 2 mins was ok, its the decreased rest time that does make a difference.

i did warm up better by doing a bit of skipping and small stretches and I stretched halfway through while sheltering under a tree as the heavens opened. I think it helped because my legs didn't hurt at all today. Did wrench my ankle after jumping over a huge puddle.

Still trying to do better than I should expect, just too damn impatient. If I look back to the first run just doing a minute was relly hard and now thats a doddle so I need to look back over this in a couple of weeks to see how Ive progressed.

Talked to a lady who runs 45mins three to four times a week and she said some days its hard and you hate it and then it goes well and you remember why you do it, so I must keep going.
Next run on Sunday, off now to have a shower after my soaking. Hope my trainers dry by Sunday.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well today was the third run of the routine and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Certainly nothing like as easy as Sundays run

Felt a bit jittery before I set off so don't know if that worked against me or if my back playing up didn't help. Anyway set off and straight away my feet felt sore, then when I did the first 2 min section run it didn't go easy, was looking at timer way too early. Never mind I thought, it got better on Sunday the farther I went so I had hopes for the same but it didnt get any better really.

After each run I was looking at timer too early, legs felt really stiff ad cramped, couldn't get breathing into a rhythm and niggly things like earphone falling out. just really unsettled the run parts.

Did manage to run the last leg home from the railway and it took 4 mins but I was quite wheezy.

Got home and did stretches which felt really good so maybe I need to do them when Ive done the first rep once Im warm.

Now I have to decide whether to go to next section of routine which is run 3 mins walk 3 mins or do I do another week of run 2 walk 4 and see if I have a better run? I always want to go to next level fast but I know I should go at it steady. Think I will stick to 2 and 4 but who know I may have changed ming on next run.

I need to stay positive and believe things will get better.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Well this is the second time Ive been for a run following the new routine and things are going better than I expected.

my partner came with me but was on his pushbike so was a lot easier for him. Went earlier in the day before it got too hot.

Hevent got a set route just do the routine until ive finished it.

It has gone so well today, not getting so out of breath its uncomfortable.
Unfortunately my phone battery died and I use my phone to time the runs and the rests in between. luckily it went on the last set so i just ran until i got home, even managed to sprint the last few yards!!

Im so pleased with myself for improving, I never thought I would see any especially in such a short time. Just have to stick to the plan though and not get carried away and try to do more than I should. Its true though once you get youre breathing into a routine things really feel better. I felt i could have carried on today.

Great run

Thursday, 2 July 2009

new training

well ive been slack about keeping up with my blog, also with the running but its time to turn over a new leaf.

Ive found a training schedule online from a great website called or not sure which.
Anyway there is a schedule on it for people like me who are just starting to try and run so Im giving it a go.
I was following a run/walk for a minute each for a distance of one mile. Didnt feel I was achieving much though, and my foot was starting to hurt, something about the Plantar tendon. Was told to go to a nearby specialist running shop in Lincoln called Lincoln Runner and they were fantastic.
let me try a few brand ( running up and down the high st was a bit embarrassing but needed to get right shoes so i did it).
Got home and went for a run but one of my heels hurt and the trainers just didnt feel quite right so took them back and have now got a new pair which after one run seem great.

The chap in the shop told me I needed to do at least 25 mins of my walk run routine but with longer run and longer recovery. Also showed me some good post run stretches.

Got home and went online to see if there was any sites for new runners and thats when I came across the site I mentioned. As well as good advice and the ability to post and receive answers, there was a ten week training routine to get you running for 30 mins at a time. I was really worried that I woulnt even be able to do the first weeks routine of run for 2 mins, walk for 4 mins and repeat 5 times. I thought I'd give it a try, I'd just had a strop with my other half and was mardy. thought I may as well go out and prove to myself how unfit I was. Everything was against it, I'd eated and it was still 18 degrees at 7pm so no way could I manage it.

Walked for 2 mins to warm up and then ran for 2 mins and thought I wasnt going to do the first part of the training. So I walked for 4mins and started to run again for 2. It was still hard but managed to do the full 2. Then something strange happened. As i was due to start the third 2 mins I felt that I was still recovering and I wouldnt last the next 2 mins running....but it got easier!!! The last 2 repeats were the same...its weird. I wasnt gasping like I thought I'd be, I was short of breath but not uncomfortably. Yea it felt so good. I'd been out 32 mins compared to 12 on my other routine. Im so excited I never ever thought I may be able to run, always been a sprinter ( well a long time ago at school) but maybe if I persevere who knows.
I started this because I wanted to be able to run a mile straight before Im 40 in a couple of months. Thats my immediate target but beyond that I would like to get up to 3 miles 3 times a week.
The route Im doing is 1.96 miles so fingers crossed.

Im hoping to learn that if I put enough time and effort into something, I maybe able to do it.

next run on saturday so next post at the weekend.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

It hurts!

Woops not kept up with the blog.

Have ran a couple of times since I last wrote. First time was ok.
Second time was bit of a mess. Decided to take the hounds with me and to be honest it wasn't too bad but I went a different way so its hard to judge how it went.

Im having a bit of a problem after I have been running. My foot hurts underneath and then my calf will hert.
I know its the big tendon thats hurting but I don't know how to stop it. Do I not run for a while :-( or its it my trainers or the way Im running? Its not so bad on the days I don't run and therefore don't wear my trainers!!
I'm not running naturally as Im trying to run slow as advised but it makes my legs ache and my ankles so I will have to do more research.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Well Im not impressed with myself. Knew that I had let my weight and fitness slip but not to the level I'm at.
Now Ive got a lot of hard work to do and I really want to see adifference before I hit 40 in roughly 3 months time

Ive recently starting running ( if you can call it that ). I was never a distance runner at school, great at short bursts, the 100 metres etc but doing cross country was just an excuse to lag behind and sneak a ciggie. ;-))

Now the ciggies have been gone for I think coming up to 5 years but it may be more, and I have always admired those who run past my house and make it look so easy.

I started little attempts about 4 weeks ago, Oh My God, it was sooooooooo hard. Made the mistake of running until I couldnt get my breath, then walk for a bit, then repeat the running.

Big Mistake

Now I start off walking for a minute, then run fairly slowly for a minute and then alternate. I do a mile circuit and can do it in about twelve and a half minutes so far.

My first goal is to be able to run this mile route non stop
My long term goal is to be able to run 5 km, lose weight and improve my ( crap ) fitness levels.

I am also hoping that this will help with the panic attacks and lift the jags of depression.
i also am hoping that this is an achievable thing to do.

I have started this blog to help motivate me and to keep it going. Also to be able to look back to how things were at the beginning and see improvements and achievements when I'm feeling down about myself.

Fingers Crossed.

Yesterday's run was not too bad, weather was good so that helps. i started off and was feeling like I wouldn't be able to do it and should go home, but I made it round and it went quite ok and I wasn't gasping my last when I got back. Even managed to get a decent breathing rythem going for a short time. Yeah.

Crikey this was a long first blog, hopefully the next ones won't waffle on too much