Tuesday, 14 July 2009

week 2

Have just done the second part of week two and yes it was easier. I timed it properly and I didn't have any hills thankfully. Also went at a slow pace so at the end of the three minute running section I wasn't gasping.

All went well but on the last 3 min run I carried on until I got home which was a bit stupid cos I feel a bit crap now. That run was 7.5 mins. Really pleased I could do it cos I have my doubts about week 3 schedule of running 5 mins walking 2.5 mins. Am debating whether to stick to week 2 or be brave and carry on increasing. the last section is on thursday so will see how that goes.

Couple of worries, my feet seem to get really hot and I'm aware of them hurting a little. Can't seen to judge how tight to fasten my trainers. Also Im getting a bit wheezy, well I was after the last run of 7 1/2 mins but I suppose thats to be expected until that time gets comfortable.

I also havent had much to eat today, an apple this morning and some peanut butter which made me feel sick before I ran. No wonder i feel a bit crap.

Very pleased i did it though, and on my own although I prefer Harry to bike along side me for a bit of support when I ger jittery like today. Never mind I did it regardless so should feel good bout that.

Next run Thursday, hope its not too hot.

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