Thursday, 2 July 2009

new training

well ive been slack about keeping up with my blog, also with the running but its time to turn over a new leaf.

Ive found a training schedule online from a great website called or not sure which.
Anyway there is a schedule on it for people like me who are just starting to try and run so Im giving it a go.
I was following a run/walk for a minute each for a distance of one mile. Didnt feel I was achieving much though, and my foot was starting to hurt, something about the Plantar tendon. Was told to go to a nearby specialist running shop in Lincoln called Lincoln Runner and they were fantastic.
let me try a few brand ( running up and down the high st was a bit embarrassing but needed to get right shoes so i did it).
Got home and went for a run but one of my heels hurt and the trainers just didnt feel quite right so took them back and have now got a new pair which after one run seem great.

The chap in the shop told me I needed to do at least 25 mins of my walk run routine but with longer run and longer recovery. Also showed me some good post run stretches.

Got home and went online to see if there was any sites for new runners and thats when I came across the site I mentioned. As well as good advice and the ability to post and receive answers, there was a ten week training routine to get you running for 30 mins at a time. I was really worried that I woulnt even be able to do the first weeks routine of run for 2 mins, walk for 4 mins and repeat 5 times. I thought I'd give it a try, I'd just had a strop with my other half and was mardy. thought I may as well go out and prove to myself how unfit I was. Everything was against it, I'd eated and it was still 18 degrees at 7pm so no way could I manage it.

Walked for 2 mins to warm up and then ran for 2 mins and thought I wasnt going to do the first part of the training. So I walked for 4mins and started to run again for 2. It was still hard but managed to do the full 2. Then something strange happened. As i was due to start the third 2 mins I felt that I was still recovering and I wouldnt last the next 2 mins running....but it got easier!!! The last 2 repeats were the same...its weird. I wasnt gasping like I thought I'd be, I was short of breath but not uncomfortably. Yea it felt so good. I'd been out 32 mins compared to 12 on my other routine. Im so excited I never ever thought I may be able to run, always been a sprinter ( well a long time ago at school) but maybe if I persevere who knows.
I started this because I wanted to be able to run a mile straight before Im 40 in a couple of months. Thats my immediate target but beyond that I would like to get up to 3 miles 3 times a week.
The route Im doing is 1.96 miles so fingers crossed.

Im hoping to learn that if I put enough time and effort into something, I maybe able to do it.

next run on saturday so next post at the weekend.

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