Saturday, 11 July 2009

Good and Bad

Well I don't know if bad is the right word, hard is probably the word I mean.

This is the second run at 3 min run/3 min walk. First one was hard, second harder and the third was hell. Really thought that I wouldnt finish it all, especially after the third rep. I was gasping- but both the second and third running reps were up hills, the type where you have to stand up to pedal on a bike. First one I put down to starting off and not having the routine .

By the fourth rep it was good and the fifth rep I ran 4 mins and sprinted the last few yards.

Dont know how I feel about this section, it feels quite a bit harder than the last section, but then Im sure running for 2 mins felt like that when I started. Think I may have to repeat this week before going up to next increase, not sure what it is but I think its run for 5 walk for 3 and that seems abit of a way off at the mo.

Still having a little wheeze and cough after about ten mins of finishing, am taking inhaler but will see if it gets better.

Feet not hurting now, and legs dont feel as cramped up now Im doind short gentle stretches once I ve warmed up.

Next run on Tuesday. Over all today was a good run and Im :-))

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