Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Well today was the third run of the routine and it didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Certainly nothing like as easy as Sundays run

Felt a bit jittery before I set off so don't know if that worked against me or if my back playing up didn't help. Anyway set off and straight away my feet felt sore, then when I did the first 2 min section run it didn't go easy, was looking at timer way too early. Never mind I thought, it got better on Sunday the farther I went so I had hopes for the same but it didnt get any better really.

After each run I was looking at timer too early, legs felt really stiff ad cramped, couldn't get breathing into a rhythm and niggly things like earphone falling out. just really unsettled the run parts.

Did manage to run the last leg home from the railway and it took 4 mins but I was quite wheezy.

Got home and did stretches which felt really good so maybe I need to do them when Ive done the first rep once Im warm.

Now I have to decide whether to go to next section of routine which is run 3 mins walk 3 mins or do I do another week of run 2 walk 4 and see if I have a better run? I always want to go to next level fast but I know I should go at it steady. Think I will stick to 2 and 4 but who know I may have changed ming on next run.

I need to stay positive and believe things will get better.

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