Sunday, 5 July 2009

Well this is the second time Ive been for a run following the new routine and things are going better than I expected.

my partner came with me but was on his pushbike so was a lot easier for him. Went earlier in the day before it got too hot.

Hevent got a set route just do the routine until ive finished it.

It has gone so well today, not getting so out of breath its uncomfortable.
Unfortunately my phone battery died and I use my phone to time the runs and the rests in between. luckily it went on the last set so i just ran until i got home, even managed to sprint the last few yards!!

Im so pleased with myself for improving, I never thought I would see any especially in such a short time. Just have to stick to the plan though and not get carried away and try to do more than I should. Its true though once you get youre breathing into a routine things really feel better. I felt i could have carried on today.

Great run

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