Saturday, 25 July 2009

First Mile

Well what a week, I havent run since my last blog on Sunday as Ive got a touch of tendonitis and I really dont want to make it worse. On the other hand I really dont want to lose the fitness level Im at so its bit of a worry.

As i wrote on my last post the run went really well and I was thinking I ought to stick to this part of the schedule for another week. But yesterday I thought I would do the shorter circuit which is a mile so I wasnt risking too much making the tendonitis worse. I thought I would just see how far round I could get before I had to stop. The last time I did this circuit I was only doing run for a minute walk for a minute and I was getting really out of breath.

I set off and everything was twinging but I hoped it would ease off. I think it did a bit. I managed to the bottom of the road which I couldn't do 3 weeks ago and thought ok I still feel ok I'll keep going. Got to that road end and then the next one and then I was on the home straight. Only thing was this bit was up a slight hill and I thought if anything was going to knock off my breathing this would. It didn't and I got all the way home!!!

My first ever mile!!!!

Never really thought I would be able to do it.
Granted it was slow at 12.38 but I could still talk at the end of it.

I have reach my first goal and I just want to carry on to my next one of running 3 mile/5km non stop.

The breathing has really got into a rhythmn now its just my muscles and tendons I have to build up.

Tomorrow is my next run and I don't know if to stick to this weeks schedule or move up. I dont want to worsen the sore bits but am a bit impatient so will decide tomorrow..

I am really getting into this

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