Friday, 17 July 2009

Hells Bells

Well this is the first run on week 3, run 5 mins walk 2.5 mins and oh my god it is so much harder than last week run for 3 walk for 3.

I did expect it but from the start I doubted if I could complete the four repitions. First always seems to be hard and it was. Second was okish but still hard. Third was a bitch as I'd got one of the hills in that run and when I got to the top I still had a minutes running to do and all of a sudden my legs wanted to stop, it was strange. I did push on but it hurt.

The last one seemed to be impossible as I hadnt fully got my breath from the previous bitch run, but weirdly it was the easiest as my breathing just came together.

Im aching more, shin on right leg is a bit tender so I will be careful not to make it worse if I can help it. I was supposed to run last night but I felt sooo tired and worn out I thought it would do more harm than good. Glad I did leave it until today but felt a bit guilty, silly Moo. I think I may have to stay on this weeks routine for 2 weeks as it is a big jump from last weeks. Need to get more comfortable with it. Mind you I always seem to say that. time will tell.

Be positive and sensible.

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