Tuesday, 28 December 2010


well Ive done another run today at the gym and all went fine.
New trainers that felt good. No aches and pains although chest is a bit wheezy.

Ran on Christmas Eve for half an hour on treadmill at steady pace which Im pleased about as I dont seem to be doing many of them. Before that I did an outside run which was fine although slightly shorter than normal.

Need to get my enthusiasm back.

Friday, 10 December 2010

another run

sneaked to the gym and did another interval run. It went well and Im hoping it helps me increase my base running speed. Would like to get up to 8-8.5kph.
At the minute the slow plod hurts so im keeping up with the faster intervals but know it shouldnt be used every run.....if this ice clears I may get outside run to see if that hurts.

Next run at gym i may try heart rate running

Monday, 6 December 2010


Attempted a run on the treadmill a couple of days ago.
Id come up with a plan, I was going to plod really slowly witha short stride so as not to pull groin.
Didnt work. Wasnt groin but top of hip where waist band sits. Got off machine in a strop and was sat waiting for harry to finish weights.
Watched a girl do speed intervals on machine, 30 secs running then jump off for 30 secs.
I was so mad I thought Id give it a go.
Didnt hurt. Granted I'd pulled my waistband up a la Simon Cowell so it wasnt pressing on hip bone.
Ran for 30 secs on 9,10 and 11 kph and jumped off for 30 secs.
Got a bit of a sweat on and felt Id done something at least. The other problem is over my ribs where bra strap sits. Its ok to start but when I start to have to take deeper breaths it pulls the muscles so I can only do it a few times.
See how today goes.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


Back and hip been shocking since last run. Have only gotten one in in a fortnight. Really pissed off.
Groin is very sore think from the back pain.
Cant run outside as weather snowy to say the least.
Going to gym tomorrow for a little spin, fingers crossed

Saturday, 20 November 2010

7 full days

Well its been 7 days since my last run...ten hail marys .

Last time I posted id hurt myself running on treadmill.
Well today is the first day it hasnt hurt like a bugger and its the first run since then,
Was ok, few twinges, but nothing unbearable. Went slow and did the 2 mile circuit, was tempted to get another mile in when I got near home but played it safe.
Breathing is a bit wheezy, nothing major, but a reminder to take my inhalers more.

Have had to resort to Co Codamol but while they do reduce the pain they make me feel so dodgy I can only take them while Im at home.

Fingers crossed all is ok, back and hipwise, tomorrow.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Little run, ouch

Thought Id grab a quick run yesterday at the gym as the day before's was cut short due to calf stiffness.

It was ok, once I got past ten mins and into the interval bit. Now my side and back is really playing up.
I did feel a twinge when running but it went away so I ignored it.

Now Im even considering taking a co-codamol but they scare me as they make me feel weird and control freak that I am I know it will make me anxious, something I need no help with at the mo.

Gonna have to leave running for a few days and see how it mends.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Must post more

Havent posted my last 3 runs.
First was hard, hip hurt again but managed to do 3 miles after a week of poorly.
Second run was 2 miles  a bit harder, went ok but want to get faster
Third run on Saturday was on treadmill, 35 mins, fartlek training.
Usual speed is 7kph, Im trying to get up to 8 kph as a regular speed.
Varied it up to 11 kph, gosh that was a challenge but felt good.
Managed to run last 4 mins at 9kph and Im really pleased with that as I was tired but kept it going and breathing wsnt too bad. Then cooled down and stretched.

Hoping to go out in the morning depending on weather and time as Im at physio as well.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Ran yesterday but it was a hard run.
Bit of headwind and exremely cold...really plays my breathing up.

Doesnt help that I had the lurgy and shouldnt really have run...made it so hard for myself.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

little run

did a little run of 3 k yesterday on the treadmill. Wanted to do 5k but find it so boring, and also a lot slower than outside. why is that?

Ah well it was  a run with no pain, always a bonus

Friday, 15 October 2010


Well todays run wasnt as easy as Tuesdays but it was a challenge. Ran from back of HH along westgate to st james up grimsby rd to hospital then along high hole and to keddington, along Brackenborough along swallow and fumar and back along keddington to pennys.

It was warm, several hills and headwind and we were tired so 2.8 miles in 35 mins not so bad.
No pain which is a bonus

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Yesterdays run was good.

3 miles, early in the morning, 7am, lovely temperature, no pain and no wheeziness.

Think I could have gone further.

Had to leave Ipod at home as battery died but the run was the better for it.

Going again tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 October 2010


Ah a good little run.

Just a 2 miler but slightly quicker

No leg pain, a little bit wheezy, loads better run
Am really happy with that one

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Bit better

Went out today as ive got Spinning tomorrow and my legs are getting sore.
They were better today, still a little calf stiffness in the right but not too bad.
I did use the roller to ease them off before I went so Im hoping it does the trick.

Breathing not so good, bit wheezy, but it was very warm and I think that caused it, its not been like it for a while.

Another 3 miles under my belt and in 40 mins so not too bad for me.
Im going to stick at this distance for a while, and maybe start to get faster. I dont think Im ever going to be able to run much further comfortably but if I can get faster thats a bonus.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Ran yesterday, 3 miles, legs quite stiff even after 2 days rest. I think my back playing up really isnt helping.

Breathing fine, hills ok apart from stiff legs. Hip a bit sore but again back is playing up.

AM at the gym tonight so after my weights I may jump on treadmeill for 20 mins see how it feels.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Did a 2 mile run today when really I shouldn't as my legs are tired and sore from so much exercise. Spinning and circuits last night and a run the day before, my legs seem to need at least a couple of days rest between runs but I just wanted to take advantage of the great weather today as Im not sure what next weeks is going to be.

Will leave next run until Tuesday(2 full days) but I have a new running top and I NEED to try it out, can I hold off

Thursday, 30 September 2010


Shouldn't really have run today but weather is so nice and tomorrow when I was going is supposed to be rubbish.
It was goodish, warm then hot, legs still bit stiff but finished ok. Not the 3 miles I wanted but 2.7 is 2.7

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Not bad

Well inspite of the weather being wet and dark and miserable the run was a success.

Very easy run both on legs and breathing, slow on time but more enjoyable.

Went with Penny and Jane and talked all the way round and it did perk me up for a while.

Saturday, 25 September 2010


Didn't fancy running outside today as it was cold and blustery but it always feels a bit of a cheat that i ran on the treadmill

Today I did a Fartlek session, mixing up the speeds sometimes gradually sometimes jumping up a couple of K's and then slowing down. I did enjoy it and was surprised how quickly i started sweating. 5 mins warm up, 15 mins fatlek then 15 mins steady and cool down walk.

Didn't stretch enough but was pleased.
Calves and Achilles not to good for some reason. Not bad during the run but after theyre hurting and last night in bed both calves went into cramp and by god theyre still sore today....never had cramp to that extent before.

Im going to change my routines, I think 4 miles is too big a jump from 2.5 so for a while I going to try and do a couple of 3 mile runs a week and one 2.5 faster or interval/fartlek run. Will build up before I try a longer distance but i may have to admit that 3 miles is my distance. If i do 3/4 times a week than thats good. Im also doing spinning once a week and a couple of resistance classes and not forgetting walking the boys every day. Phew

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Little run

Just done a little run today with the boys down the railway, ok but not great but it is always a case of stopping and starting when I run with them.

Calf a little stiff but nothing major.

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Have just done interval session on treadmill and it went well. 11 mins warm up, 6x 30 secs at 9kph with 1 min recovery inbetween then ten mins of steady running.

Legs were bit twingy but better than fridays.

Have been having bit of calf pain the last couple of runs and its concerning me. Have done a couple of runs with Penny and its been ok but not too comfortable.

Havent been able to use foam roller but I have it back now so am going to get stuck in.

Next run Tuesday hopefully

Monday, 13 September 2010

Bit stiff

Went out and did 3 miles today, it was blinking hotter than I thought and I went with no drink.

It was also a bit sore today, lower cclf stiffness but i havent been doing stretching as was told and have lent foam roller to someone so hopefully if i get back into that then it will ease off.

3 miles is still 3 miles

Friday, 10 September 2010

Better than expected

Planned to run today, then cancelled , then decided to do it and Im glad I did.

Legs felt bad this week but I really think its the medication Im coming off at the mo. Weather was crap and I just thought it was pointless as I would end up walking.

Went out a bit later than usual, just after 10am and it had cleared up and turned bloody hot.
Legs were so much better than I expected and breathing was fine, we finished strong and the last mile we did in 9m10s which is as fast as I have done yet.

Trout has had 5 weeks rest and it was great to run with her again.

Do have groin pain which keeps flaring up so may mention to physio next time.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Oh rubbish run should have known better.

Legs were stiff from Sunday and not fully recovered but after a visit to physio I thought they would be ok....she's good, very good, but not a bloody miracle worker.

In my enthusiasm i went out even though it was 1 o clock and very warm, d'uh.

Knew in my heart that legs were not going to ease off but managed 2.3 miles before I had to see sense and walk the last 500 metres home.

Am trying to keep it in perspective that next run on Friday hopefully will be fine.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Long Run

Dreaded this earlier this morning but I am pleased I tried and succeeded even with a few jitters on way round.

It was hardish at start but it was uphill, got better until Grimsby Rd hill and that seemed harder than last week but ran all the way.

Got easier for a while and then at the end got very hard but went a bit further than last week, 4.36 miles today.

No pain but am stiff now

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Getting better

Did the 2 mile circuit today and surprised myself.

Firstly my legs were better than expected even though I ran yesterday as well.

Secondly I managed to cut my time by 1.46. It was hard and my lungs felt sore most of day but really pleased with the effort.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

So far so good

Well its a week on since last post and I have run 3 times this week.

First run was to try and increase time over the usual route.
Wednesday i ran 2.8 miles in 25 mins which isn't going to break any landspeed records but this is what Im trying to work on so I ran the whole route a bit faster than my normal pace and I think i even managed a 9 1/2 min mile.

Second run wasn't logged as I just took boys around the fields. Went fine but there is always a few breaks to pick up dog mess etc.

Todays run was 4 miles including one long hill, Grimsby Road, which is nearly the longset in louth i think.

Legs tired but did do heavy leg workout at gym yesterday so won't be doing that again.
Back was also playin up so mya leave next run until Wednesday

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Good run

Long run today, 4 miles. Hot weather but went early.

No leg pain and only minor hip pain.

Had to divert route to toilet stop and then had to run up Broadbank hill but didn't stop so very pleased.

No run until Tues/Weds depending on recovery.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

2.6 Thursday
2.45 Saturday
3.5 Wednesday

Forgot to log last couple of runs, mainly as they weren't as good as previous.
Thursdays run was just to try out new trainers, Nike Lunar Glide+ 2, and no pain but it was so hot had to walk last half mile
SaturadyI went to local beauty spot but forgot how uphill it was, run was only 2.45 but i would say at least the first half was constant uphill, second half my calves cramped up.
Today was mush better. Felt good after 3 days off, no calf pain, bit of hip pain. breathing fine. Warm but breeze. 3.5 miles . Lots of stretching after and a good dynamic warm up helped.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Not Again

Well I may have spoke too soon. Have missed a post about run on Saturday. It was too hot really and I took hounds with meand went round the fields. Bit of a nightmare, my calves were so painful and I had to stop so many times. I think it was the small steps I have to use on the uneven ground, not my natural style of running. Once I got back on the railway and could run more normally the pain did subside a bit. Was gonna drop boys at home and carry on but had a rethink cos it was so hot and I didn't want to push my luck injury wise.
Today I ran on road on my own for 3 miles. Calves were quite stiff but they did get better. Hip really played up again, am at a loss why, something for Deb the physio to have a go at next time.
Wasn't a terrible run, bit slow but breathing ok. Got to 2 miles and things seemed smooth enough except hip.
Just a bit dissapointed that still got some pain, teach me to increase my distance too much in one go. Gonna stick to 3 miles for a bit before I increase again.
Next run Friday

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Well Ive just been out in the pouring rain, ran 4 miles and loved every minute.
I didn't plan on going that far as I know i should only be increasing distance in short amounts, but it felt so good.
I had absolutely no calf pain, or hip or plantar, i did have bit of pain in left shin but none in the right since Deb did ultasound in it.
Breathing was great also.
Im planning on doing 2 short runs of 2.5 / 3 miles a week with the dogs off road and one longer run of 3 to 4 miles on my own.
Legs bit stiff and sore at the mo plus Ive got combat class tonight but next long run will be on a Sunday.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Just had 2nd visit to physio and all is going well. Shes pleased in the improvement in calves and shins. Given me some more stretches to incorporate into what I already am doing. Also given me some balancing exercises. Legs feel good. Next visit in 3 weeks and hopefully she will work on hip.

Still ok

Been out twice since last post. Sunday was good, managed to go little bit further and got into nice rhythm and the boys were good. Ran all the way with them on the leads from the end of railway and they did well. Bit of stiffness but nothing major again. Little hip pain.

Todays run was on a different route and was good bit harder. Bit more uneven underfoot and did turn ankle slightly a couple of times. There was also a couple of steepish hills one of which I got quite wheezy on but di them. The down and up side of running with the boys is stopping to pick up the dog poo but has to be done. Its sometimes nice to catch my breath but it does take longer to get into a rhythm. Also carring the poo and the dogs leads hinders you a bit but we all enjoy it so theyre minor things. What is a bloody pain is other people not cleaning up after their dogs. Thats twice Ive trod in it in my new trainers which now look old cos of the trail running. Will definately not be using the new ones when they come to go off road.

Off to physio this morning so will post after.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Still good

Well Ive been out running again this morning and I took boys along too.
All good. Bit harder this morning and it did concern me until I remambered that off road running is harder than road running. It seems its also more satisfying. I don't wear ipod when I have dogs with me so im more aware of surroundings. Calves a little stiff but no pain in them or feet or groin to speak of. Did 2 miles slow but its very warm and we were all puffing a bit when we got home. Dogs are now flaked out, no doubt I will follow suit this afternoon,lol. Want to go out again but will wait until Sunday.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh dear

Well its been a couple of weeks since i last blogged and since I last ran. Im afraid those insoles in my trainers caused quite a few pronlems, mainly shin splints and plantar pain, but hopefully im on the mend.
It turns out I shouldnt have put corrective insoles into corrective trainers, stupid really but you live and learn. It may have been a blessing in disguise as im now visiting a lovely physio who apart from being a fellow runner is a hand on physio. She has helped already with my calves giving them a really good digging in which has certainly reducesd the stiffness. She also suggested different trainers as she thinks mine are too corrective for my mild over pronation. I have always had these sort of trainers and ive never had a pain free run so she could have something there. I have bought a pair of nike Lunar glides which are so squishy and it feels weird for foot not to be cocooned but maybe htey will be best left to sort themselves out.
I have done two runs in them one on treadmill and one around fields as Deb doesn't want me running on roads if poss.
Tradmill was ok although hip hurt but no foot or calf pain.
Field run was really good, took the hounds with me. No pain at all anywhere! Well apart from nettles and thistles on bare legs but next time will wear long trousers. Ground quite uneven so had to be careful and run was only mile and half but it really felt good and the dogs enjoyed it too.
Too early to say if the trainers are the answer but so far all good.
Will practice the stretching exercises she gave me, do easy runs, use foam roller and work on core muscles at gym.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Well just done a run this mornig and breathing was good, weather a little drizzly and nice and cool.
Im beginning to get a few aches and Im not sure if its the insoles which Im hoping its just body adjusting to correct alignment. Getting a bit of arch soreness and ankles and shins a bit tender. Also groin pain which concerns me.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pain free!

Well would you believe it I did a run yesterday on the treadmill and for the first time since I began running i did not have any aches and pains. All down to Orthaheel insole.
I did 40 mins on treadmill doing intervals and not once did a pain thought enter my head.
Im hoping it wasn't a fluke so Im hoping to try again tomorrow at gym. Arches are a little tender but Im putting that down to newness, fingers crossed.
Also I did 6 one minute intervals 3 at 9kph and 3 at 10 kph. Phew. Still took me ages to do 2 miles though.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Well did a 3 miler today which was good practice for the Race for Life in 3 weeks but ow my hip is sore.
Right from the start it was hurting but resting doesn't seem to get it better so bugger it.
After the first ten mins things were going ok, legs not too bad apart from hip, breathing bit raggy but had a couple of hills. Needed to loo but it went away so that was ok and I kept running.
Was very near home but only done 2 miles so decided to take a detour and did an extra mile which Iwas very pleased with as apart from hip it started to feel good.
Next run Friday

Sunday, 4 July 2010

new stuff

Have just got this download from blogger so am seeing if it will suggest running blogs for me to read

Treadmill run

Did my run today on the treadmill as I was there doing leg workout anyway.
It was ok, some good points, i upped speed I usually run at from 6.5 to 8 kph which felt good. I didnt put incline on as my hip is still sore and was quite bad for first 10 mins, then better for 15 then bad again. Anyway did 2.4 mileswhich is the distance Im stuck at at the mo. 300 calories which is a positive thing.
I then went on to do a strenuous leg workout which Im hoping strengthens my legs, hopefully another couple of hundred calories.
Next run either Tuesday or Wednesday depending on how stiff legs are.

Friday, 2 July 2010


Run normal 2 mile route today. Nice breeze but still very warm by the time I got home.
Legs not so tired which was good. Hip still sore but not quite as bad. Ankle tendons bit stiff from all that standing this week. Pollen must be high as breathing little bit laboured at times.
Really want to try that Pose running method if I can find any details. Hope it would help the soreness and let me run just a bit further.
Better run this time

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ouch again

Well if Im not fed up of things hurting.
After Fridays run the pain in bum cheek got quite bad and when I ran on treadmill on Sunday to do speed session it still hurt. Did 25 mins, 5x1 min 9kph recov 2mins 7kph.
Today I got up early, it was cooler thenkfully but run was hampered by calf pain and bum pain. Knew I shouldn't have run as when I was laid in bed my legs hurt then. So much standing yesterday ironing. Had to walk a bit as calves were very stiff and pain in cheek played up. Finished quite strog though and tried to change running position to more mid foot strike to help calves and hip.
Did a good upper body workout today as did a very strong leg workout on Sunday. Tomorrow is combat class and wont run now til Friday. Fingers crossed.

Remember, nothing comes from nothing!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010


Well i went out even earlier today, was outside by ten past 7 this morning and although it was very hot there was plenty of shade, thankfully!
All went quite well, certainly better than Tuesdays run. Legs felt ok, breathing was good, remembered to take both inhalers before I went and I did some warm up exercises.
Got so far into run and was undecided as to what distance to do, do I play safe and do the just over 2 mile run or do I try the 3 miler. Well its been ages since I did 3 miles and the race for life is coming up next month so decided to do 3 mile. Nike+ reads 3.48 but Im sure its only 3. Wasn't too bad, got bit of pain in left bum cheek near home that I can certainly feel still so will have a go on roller in a minute. Legs are very stiff now but I was out for nearly 50 mins which is a big jump from normal 28. Having at least 2 rest days in between certainly works better for me. Im going to try and get out on Sunday for my easy run of around 25 mins and then really want to get a speed session in if I can to up my cardio fitness.
Really pleased with run and getting out early ( thankyou Boo)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not a good run

Went out today for an early run to avoid the heat but didnt go early enough it seems. Went out at about 20 past 8 this morning and already it was bloody hot and no breeze.
May have coped a bit better if my legs weren't so stiff. Did a leg workout on Sunday and I dont think they'd recovered enough. Calves were very bad right from the word go and didn't get any better with time. Stopped to stretch at least 4 times but coulnt shake it. I did 2.4 miles in end but had to run/walk. Never mind at least I got out there and did something.
Next run is Friday I think depending on legs,have got a combat class tomorrow night and if she does a lot of leg conditioning then who know, but we can but try.
Went to gym and did really strong arm workout so am pleased with that. Have also started on protein shakes to see if it will curb hunger and helpme lose weight. Had some tonight with porridge and then had tea and Im still feeling stuffed.
Phew its 9 o clock and still very hot, gonna have a drink and an early night.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Just had to comment on something, I have just read my first blog entry and I can now see how far I have come.
I noticed that when I first started running I got quite anxious about leaving the house and now a year later I never think that when I go for a run-improvement. Now i often think oh god this is gonna be a tough run but usually thats just the first 10 -15 mins.
My first goal was to run a mile which is now no problem, the second goal was to do 5km which I know I can do( better be able to cos Race for Life is next month). I am struggling to do that distance all the time due to injury niggles but I want to make it a more regular distance. The last thing I want to mention is that I now use exercise as a tool to help get rid of my anxiety. I must say it works very well even though i can still get jittery before I start, once Im involved the jitters usually die off.
One last thing is I want to try positive affirmation to help my self confidence so Im going to try and finish each entry on a good note.
Todays PA is I have done really well in this last year, I have reached some goals and have stuck at running even when it wasn't going well. Im a runner with a years experience!!!

New gadget

Forgot to blog my last run which went a lot better than the previous one so will do that now.
Went again with Penny but went a different route to normal and it was good.Harder in places than our normal one but that can only bring improvements-couple of hills but long enough into the run that breathing was settled and legs warmed up. Still having problems with really tight calves no matter how much I stretch but I am going to use foam roller more and Im going to do more leg work at gym to strenghten legs. Am also looking into the Prose method of running where your weight is further forward and you run on the front of foot, will post how I get on.
The run was 2.4 miles and by the end I was getting the numbness over right outside ankle, it does wear off once I stop running, am thinking its tendon issue, but have been and got new trainers so fingers crossed.
Have also so bought a nike+ wrist band so I can track my running, have finally got it synched with computer so am excited about that. Have done the mile circuit today and yesterday just so I could log something but legs really stiff after combat class yesterday.
Next run Tuesday so until then I will stretch and roller my calves

Monday, 14 June 2010


Well yesterdays run didnt go as planned it ended up rubbish
Went out again with Pen but I had been ironing for 3 hours straight and I should have learned by now I cant go running after that, but no off we went.
Legs really stiff and heavy and even 5 mins in I knew it wasn't going to go well but thought no, give it 10 mins and it will get better. Nope
20 mins in I stopped to stretch but it didnt ease off and during one stretch something popped loudly. Started again and was ok for about 5 mins but then the top of my foot was really hurting and the outside of it was going numb, had to walk the rest of the way home, and had to take trainer off it was that bad.
Its a bit better today just sore if i try to stretch. Not running til wednesday so hopefully better then.
Positive note, still managed to do 20 mins before stopping, in the rain.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Oh yes

Well today went out for a shortish run with bessie mate and have to say after Tuesdays run from hell this one was perfect.
Distance fine, legs fine breathing fine and even managed to talk all the way round for 26 mins instead of the first 10.
Fab run makes me want to go again but will resist til Sunday....happy happy happy

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what was that

Well I attempted to do the 3 miler today but the cosmos was against me
Only a slight drizzle but enough that I needed jacket on inspite of it being very warm.
Different route so didn;t start on a downhill and breathing took longer to settle.
Ipod hasn't charged properly so had to keep stopping and fiddling with it.
Had to stop and stretch really tight calves.
Needed the loo and got stung several times in the process.
Had to turn back as route was blocked due to resurfacing of road and therefore had to do an unplanned uphill.
Shin pain due to funny road camber.
Ipod again then text.
Finally managed to get home in 48 mins but looking on the bright side I didn't give up and finished strong again.
Think that an increase of 20 mins for the long run is too much, need to increse slower.
Next run Friday

Sunday, 6 June 2010

best laid plans

Well I wrote only yesterday that today I was doing the 3 mile route as I was getting on so well. Guess what? Did my usual route and that was hard enough. What went wrong? Several things. Had a very disturbed night and no it wasn't Hugh Jackman. Pesky hounds terrified of the thunderstorm which went on until nearly dawn so I was very tired when I got up, not good for a long run. I was also bloody stiff from Boxercise yesterday so thought it wise to take it easy today. It was also raining! Got home from Mums Sunday dinner with 3 baskets of ironing to do so was stood for a couple of hours doing that. Decided to go for a run anyway to keep to my new regime of 3 x a week. It was stiff and slow and seemed a lot harder today, Ipod quit in the first 5 mins and I had to listen to my wheezy breathing most of way round...note to self, take bloody inhaler before run and charge up Ipod. Positives...well I finished strong and I got out for a run and its done now until Tuesday.Pat on the back for keeping running when I wanted to walk. 27 mins is not to be sniffed at.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Can't believe ive not posted since March!!! Slapped wrist for me.
Well Im back and hopefully Im back for good. Got my running MoJo back.
Since March its been steadily decreasing and the gym work increasing but Ive been missing the sense of achievement I got with running outdoors and now the weather can't be used as an excuse.
Lost my way a bit, felt eachrun was a chore and wasn'tfeling good after, but in the last 2 weeks Ive run 5 times, I have dropped back to my normal route of 2.4 miles but tomorrow I am going to try the 3 miler, I know its forcast rain but unless its hammering down Im gonna go. The one problem I am having is I keep needing the loo and its partly why I keep doing my usual route, toilet availability. I mainly run in the mornings and I make sure I go before I run but quite often I still have to stop. The 3 mile route has no toiletsand Im sure its partly psycological but there are no hedges to pop behind, just peoples front gardens, not a good idea.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, will post after.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Have just read last blog and its been quite a while.
Running hasn't been good, well the doing it and this is showing when I do get out. Its been just over a week since I last ran outside and its beginning to tell, its cetainly harder than treadmill, but I did run 2 days ago at the gym but only for 20 mins.
I think its because I felt a bit stuck, I didn't seem to improve, 30 mins was about all I could manage and somedays even that was really hard.
I need to go out on road more and push a bit harder to improve. I am doing plenty at the gym certainly cardio wise and have started doing weights.
Am going to try and get out at least twice a week but want to do 3 times if weather permits and Im not too stiff.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

not bad

Just done a 40 min run at the gym and it went well. Had the setting on random so the incline varied but kept a steady 6.mph and all went well. Breathing was great and not really any niggles pain wise, but Im stiff now. Have already gone out on the road twice this week so feel good. hope it doesnt hurt too much tomorrow.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Did a 25 min run yesterday and breathing was ok but legs were stiff, its either one or the other, very rare they both are fine at the same time. But I did it and it was an out door run and then I did circuit training last night and the gym this morning so pat on the back.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Too soon

Did a run outside on the 16th as the weather was perfect but boy am I stiff.
I think it was too soon after the hard run on Sunday but anyway I was glad to be outside. Breathing was ok it was just the stiffness again- must stretch after I warm up and stop being so silly.
Tomorrow is another road run but as its been trying to snow I will have to wait and see.
Went to gym and did a little cross training and then upperbody wights last night. Enjoying the new gym and hope to see it pay off in my running.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Good run

Had quite a good run today albeit on the treadmill, but they all count.
5 mins warm up, 30 mins run, 10 mins walk. The run consisted of fast 1 min recover 2 min up to 25 mins then gentle 5 mins. It was good, back played up a bit but not enough to stop.
Went on power plate to ease the stiffness in my legs and it seems to help but theyre still a bit stiff now but not sore.Tomorrow will be another story because of standing ironing but hopefully not for too long.
Loving the gym and getting back into it.

Friday, 12 February 2010


Well went out for run yesterday and it wasn't too bad. Bloody cold but sun was out so got my vit D for the day.

Breathing ok but went slow, legs not too bad, a little stiff but I had been to gym night before and worked on leg weights so no surprise.

Still quite stiff this morning and my foot hurts a bit but not enough to worry about. I guess I should accept exercise is going to make me stiffer than when it did 10 years ago. :-(

Anyway back to gym tonight, little bit of cardio to warm up then weights for upper body.

Am thinking about swimming, that is when I get a costume, maybe go shopping tomorrow.

Any way Ive got my road run in but its only the 2nd in ten days so need to try harder to get them in.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Something new

Was meant to go for a road run yesterday but didn't get time so had to jump on treadmill at new gym, well it was good and bad.
Good because I did 30 mins with speed intervals, something i dont do on the road. Bad because running on treadmill is ssssooooo boring now. I used to run on treadmill only, thinking all those ran outside were mad, well now im one of those and i think all those that run on treadmill are mad, there is no sense of start/finish like you get when you go out, and it doesn't cheer you up as much, but at least I got a run in so thats the main point.
The run itself was easy, well it was after the speed work, 15 mins of run fast for 1 min jog for 2 mins then 15 mins of easy jog.
Am also doing weights on the other days I go to build up my leg strenght in the hope it will help my running.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Another day another run and it did go better certainly in the breathing- went slow and no wheezing, maybe Im not going at my own pace with Penny of talking too much!
Legs still sore and stiffand I didn't loosen them before I went but they didn't hurt as bad as monday, still I should stretch them when Ive warmed up.
Did quite a lot of cool down stretches and I think Ive over stretched, but maybe standing for 2 hours ironing after the run hasn't helped.
only a short run of 22 mins but better.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Ran yesterday for 25 mins with Pen and it was the hardest run for a long time.
Back and calves was hurting before we left and I had stood ironing as well which Im sure doesnt help.
Set off and it was hard right from the word go, couldn't get breathing right to start then it came ok but my calves were really knotted and I didnt stop and stretch as I didnt want to lose momentum, well I just wanted to get it finished and sometimes when i stop I can;t get rhythm again.
Things settled a bit but it never felt comfortable, had one short steep hill and thats when the wheezing started inspite of taking inhaler before run, silly me didn't take it with me.
Anyway we kept going and even managed to finish on a sprint but it was a horrible run.
Didn't stop though which is the only plus.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Not again

Just read back my last entry and realise Ive forgotten to write my last run, probably cos it was rubbish! It was 20th, and went out with trout, was going ok and then we had to make a quick stop which upset the rhythm, anyway carried on but couldnt really get breathing into nice tempo, walked for a min then set off on last leg but it was up a long hill. Lost my breathing half way but did manage to get to top but breathing gone then, walked last few yards. It just felt itty bitty.
Since then Ive had a cold so no more running until today. Weather shite, sleeting and bit of a headwind, didn't feel good quite wheezy so thought Id only do 20mins, which was hard work in places. Got nearly home and it felt better so I detoured and did a bit further and actually finished on a strong stride, the best bit. Not too wheezy and did plenty of stretches but just a bit worried about why it seems such a struggle.

Friday, 15 January 2010

At last

Yeay a good run...finally
Well it was 27 mins of relatively comfortable running with trout with a short sprint at the end and boy is it about time.
Foot hurt before but not during, breathing good for the most part, didnt give up and walk on the harder parts, calves a bit stiff halfway but better than normal and a dash at the end. Even managed some yak on the easy bits.
Feels Good Baby

Monday, 11 January 2010


Hurray I managed to get out for a run today and Ive done a bit of course work and Ive not eaten rubbish and Ive posted this so today has been good.
Didnt set out on run in good spirits, weather dark cold and wet but I set off slow and managed to do 28 mins with only about 10 steps walking so pat on the back for me.
My foot was playing up before I ran but didn't hurt during, neither did my calves much. Breathing was okish but i think thats down to the cold and not running regularly for a few weeks due to the snow. I did have to run on slushy ice muck but it wasnt too bad
Havent gone to running club yet, always an excuse, but I do want to, even if its to decide its not for me.
Plus on Saturday went to see about membership to new Leisure Centre and that looks exciting. At least I could still run when weather is rubbish, could also build up my speed and do some leg weights which should help my running.
Right off to pick up hubby, nip some ironing back and then eat a lovely tea of salmon pasta.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well its now the 6th so Happy New Year and already ive not kept up with the blog, bad girl. So heres a quick recap of my last run.
Started really slow and it felt ok, foot wasn't playing up. Cold air did play up breathing again but I managed to run for 25 mins and I havent been too stiff after although my calves felt crampy during the run.
Was meant to run today but conditions not safe. Last run was the 3rd.
Have enquired into my local running club so need to pluck up courage to go see what its about.
Hope to run tomorrow.
Start new healthy eating as well