Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Something new

Was meant to go for a road run yesterday but didn't get time so had to jump on treadmill at new gym, well it was good and bad.
Good because I did 30 mins with speed intervals, something i dont do on the road. Bad because running on treadmill is ssssooooo boring now. I used to run on treadmill only, thinking all those ran outside were mad, well now im one of those and i think all those that run on treadmill are mad, there is no sense of start/finish like you get when you go out, and it doesn't cheer you up as much, but at least I got a run in so thats the main point.
The run itself was easy, well it was after the speed work, 15 mins of run fast for 1 min jog for 2 mins then 15 mins of easy jog.
Am also doing weights on the other days I go to build up my leg strenght in the hope it will help my running.

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