Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Ran yesterday for 25 mins with Pen and it was the hardest run for a long time.
Back and calves was hurting before we left and I had stood ironing as well which Im sure doesnt help.
Set off and it was hard right from the word go, couldn't get breathing right to start then it came ok but my calves were really knotted and I didnt stop and stretch as I didnt want to lose momentum, well I just wanted to get it finished and sometimes when i stop I can;t get rhythm again.
Things settled a bit but it never felt comfortable, had one short steep hill and thats when the wheezing started inspite of taking inhaler before run, silly me didn't take it with me.
Anyway we kept going and even managed to finish on a sprint but it was a horrible run.
Didn't stop though which is the only plus.

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