Sunday, 29 August 2010

So far so good

Well its a week on since last post and I have run 3 times this week.

First run was to try and increase time over the usual route.
Wednesday i ran 2.8 miles in 25 mins which isn't going to break any landspeed records but this is what Im trying to work on so I ran the whole route a bit faster than my normal pace and I think i even managed a 9 1/2 min mile.

Second run wasn't logged as I just took boys around the fields. Went fine but there is always a few breaks to pick up dog mess etc.

Todays run was 4 miles including one long hill, Grimsby Road, which is nearly the longset in louth i think.

Legs tired but did do heavy leg workout at gym yesterday so won't be doing that again.
Back was also playin up so mya leave next run until Wednesday

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Good run

Long run today, 4 miles. Hot weather but went early.

No leg pain and only minor hip pain.

Had to divert route to toilet stop and then had to run up Broadbank hill but didn't stop so very pleased.

No run until Tues/Weds depending on recovery.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

2.6 Thursday
2.45 Saturday
3.5 Wednesday

Forgot to log last couple of runs, mainly as they weren't as good as previous.
Thursdays run was just to try out new trainers, Nike Lunar Glide+ 2, and no pain but it was so hot had to walk last half mile
SaturadyI went to local beauty spot but forgot how uphill it was, run was only 2.45 but i would say at least the first half was constant uphill, second half my calves cramped up.
Today was mush better. Felt good after 3 days off, no calf pain, bit of hip pain. breathing fine. Warm but breeze. 3.5 miles . Lots of stretching after and a good dynamic warm up helped.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Not Again

Well I may have spoke too soon. Have missed a post about run on Saturday. It was too hot really and I took hounds with meand went round the fields. Bit of a nightmare, my calves were so painful and I had to stop so many times. I think it was the small steps I have to use on the uneven ground, not my natural style of running. Once I got back on the railway and could run more normally the pain did subside a bit. Was gonna drop boys at home and carry on but had a rethink cos it was so hot and I didn't want to push my luck injury wise.
Today I ran on road on my own for 3 miles. Calves were quite stiff but they did get better. Hip really played up again, am at a loss why, something for Deb the physio to have a go at next time.
Wasn't a terrible run, bit slow but breathing ok. Got to 2 miles and things seemed smooth enough except hip.
Just a bit dissapointed that still got some pain, teach me to increase my distance too much in one go. Gonna stick to 3 miles for a bit before I increase again.
Next run Friday

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Well Ive just been out in the pouring rain, ran 4 miles and loved every minute.
I didn't plan on going that far as I know i should only be increasing distance in short amounts, but it felt so good.
I had absolutely no calf pain, or hip or plantar, i did have bit of pain in left shin but none in the right since Deb did ultasound in it.
Breathing was great also.
Im planning on doing 2 short runs of 2.5 / 3 miles a week with the dogs off road and one longer run of 3 to 4 miles on my own.
Legs bit stiff and sore at the mo plus Ive got combat class tonight but next long run will be on a Sunday.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


Just had 2nd visit to physio and all is going well. Shes pleased in the improvement in calves and shins. Given me some more stretches to incorporate into what I already am doing. Also given me some balancing exercises. Legs feel good. Next visit in 3 weeks and hopefully she will work on hip.

Still ok

Been out twice since last post. Sunday was good, managed to go little bit further and got into nice rhythm and the boys were good. Ran all the way with them on the leads from the end of railway and they did well. Bit of stiffness but nothing major again. Little hip pain.

Todays run was on a different route and was good bit harder. Bit more uneven underfoot and did turn ankle slightly a couple of times. There was also a couple of steepish hills one of which I got quite wheezy on but di them. The down and up side of running with the boys is stopping to pick up the dog poo but has to be done. Its sometimes nice to catch my breath but it does take longer to get into a rhythm. Also carring the poo and the dogs leads hinders you a bit but we all enjoy it so theyre minor things. What is a bloody pain is other people not cleaning up after their dogs. Thats twice Ive trod in it in my new trainers which now look old cos of the trail running. Will definately not be using the new ones when they come to go off road.

Off to physio this morning so will post after.