Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Not Again

Well I may have spoke too soon. Have missed a post about run on Saturday. It was too hot really and I took hounds with meand went round the fields. Bit of a nightmare, my calves were so painful and I had to stop so many times. I think it was the small steps I have to use on the uneven ground, not my natural style of running. Once I got back on the railway and could run more normally the pain did subside a bit. Was gonna drop boys at home and carry on but had a rethink cos it was so hot and I didn't want to push my luck injury wise.
Today I ran on road on my own for 3 miles. Calves were quite stiff but they did get better. Hip really played up again, am at a loss why, something for Deb the physio to have a go at next time.
Wasn't a terrible run, bit slow but breathing ok. Got to 2 miles and things seemed smooth enough except hip.
Just a bit dissapointed that still got some pain, teach me to increase my distance too much in one go. Gonna stick to 3 miles for a bit before I increase again.
Next run Friday

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