Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Still ok

Been out twice since last post. Sunday was good, managed to go little bit further and got into nice rhythm and the boys were good. Ran all the way with them on the leads from the end of railway and they did well. Bit of stiffness but nothing major again. Little hip pain.

Todays run was on a different route and was good bit harder. Bit more uneven underfoot and did turn ankle slightly a couple of times. There was also a couple of steepish hills one of which I got quite wheezy on but di them. The down and up side of running with the boys is stopping to pick up the dog poo but has to be done. Its sometimes nice to catch my breath but it does take longer to get into a rhythm. Also carring the poo and the dogs leads hinders you a bit but we all enjoy it so theyre minor things. What is a bloody pain is other people not cleaning up after their dogs. Thats twice Ive trod in it in my new trainers which now look old cos of the trail running. Will definately not be using the new ones when they come to go off road.

Off to physio this morning so will post after.

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