Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ouch again

Well if Im not fed up of things hurting.
After Fridays run the pain in bum cheek got quite bad and when I ran on treadmill on Sunday to do speed session it still hurt. Did 25 mins, 5x1 min 9kph recov 2mins 7kph.
Today I got up early, it was cooler thenkfully but run was hampered by calf pain and bum pain. Knew I shouldn't have run as when I was laid in bed my legs hurt then. So much standing yesterday ironing. Had to walk a bit as calves were very stiff and pain in cheek played up. Finished quite strog though and tried to change running position to more mid foot strike to help calves and hip.
Did a good upper body workout today as did a very strong leg workout on Sunday. Tomorrow is combat class and wont run now til Friday. Fingers crossed.

Remember, nothing comes from nothing!!!

Friday, 25 June 2010


Well i went out even earlier today, was outside by ten past 7 this morning and although it was very hot there was plenty of shade, thankfully!
All went quite well, certainly better than Tuesdays run. Legs felt ok, breathing was good, remembered to take both inhalers before I went and I did some warm up exercises.
Got so far into run and was undecided as to what distance to do, do I play safe and do the just over 2 mile run or do I try the 3 miler. Well its been ages since I did 3 miles and the race for life is coming up next month so decided to do 3 mile. Nike+ reads 3.48 but Im sure its only 3. Wasn't too bad, got bit of pain in left bum cheek near home that I can certainly feel still so will have a go on roller in a minute. Legs are very stiff now but I was out for nearly 50 mins which is a big jump from normal 28. Having at least 2 rest days in between certainly works better for me. Im going to try and get out on Sunday for my easy run of around 25 mins and then really want to get a speed session in if I can to up my cardio fitness.
Really pleased with run and getting out early ( thankyou Boo)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not a good run

Went out today for an early run to avoid the heat but didnt go early enough it seems. Went out at about 20 past 8 this morning and already it was bloody hot and no breeze.
May have coped a bit better if my legs weren't so stiff. Did a leg workout on Sunday and I dont think they'd recovered enough. Calves were very bad right from the word go and didn't get any better with time. Stopped to stretch at least 4 times but coulnt shake it. I did 2.4 miles in end but had to run/walk. Never mind at least I got out there and did something.
Next run is Friday I think depending on legs,have got a combat class tomorrow night and if she does a lot of leg conditioning then who know, but we can but try.
Went to gym and did really strong arm workout so am pleased with that. Have also started on protein shakes to see if it will curb hunger and helpme lose weight. Had some tonight with porridge and then had tea and Im still feeling stuffed.
Phew its 9 o clock and still very hot, gonna have a drink and an early night.

Sunday, 20 June 2010


Just had to comment on something, I have just read my first blog entry and I can now see how far I have come.
I noticed that when I first started running I got quite anxious about leaving the house and now a year later I never think that when I go for a run-improvement. Now i often think oh god this is gonna be a tough run but usually thats just the first 10 -15 mins.
My first goal was to run a mile which is now no problem, the second goal was to do 5km which I know I can do( better be able to cos Race for Life is next month). I am struggling to do that distance all the time due to injury niggles but I want to make it a more regular distance. The last thing I want to mention is that I now use exercise as a tool to help get rid of my anxiety. I must say it works very well even though i can still get jittery before I start, once Im involved the jitters usually die off.
One last thing is I want to try positive affirmation to help my self confidence so Im going to try and finish each entry on a good note.
Todays PA is I have done really well in this last year, I have reached some goals and have stuck at running even when it wasn't going well. Im a runner with a years experience!!!

New gadget

Forgot to blog my last run which went a lot better than the previous one so will do that now.
Went again with Penny but went a different route to normal and it was good.Harder in places than our normal one but that can only bring improvements-couple of hills but long enough into the run that breathing was settled and legs warmed up. Still having problems with really tight calves no matter how much I stretch but I am going to use foam roller more and Im going to do more leg work at gym to strenghten legs. Am also looking into the Prose method of running where your weight is further forward and you run on the front of foot, will post how I get on.
The run was 2.4 miles and by the end I was getting the numbness over right outside ankle, it does wear off once I stop running, am thinking its tendon issue, but have been and got new trainers so fingers crossed.
Have also so bought a nike+ wrist band so I can track my running, have finally got it synched with computer so am excited about that. Have done the mile circuit today and yesterday just so I could log something but legs really stiff after combat class yesterday.
Next run Tuesday so until then I will stretch and roller my calves

Monday, 14 June 2010


Well yesterdays run didnt go as planned it ended up rubbish
Went out again with Pen but I had been ironing for 3 hours straight and I should have learned by now I cant go running after that, but no off we went.
Legs really stiff and heavy and even 5 mins in I knew it wasn't going to go well but thought no, give it 10 mins and it will get better. Nope
20 mins in I stopped to stretch but it didnt ease off and during one stretch something popped loudly. Started again and was ok for about 5 mins but then the top of my foot was really hurting and the outside of it was going numb, had to walk the rest of the way home, and had to take trainer off it was that bad.
Its a bit better today just sore if i try to stretch. Not running til wednesday so hopefully better then.
Positive note, still managed to do 20 mins before stopping, in the rain.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Oh yes

Well today went out for a shortish run with bessie mate and have to say after Tuesdays run from hell this one was perfect.
Distance fine, legs fine breathing fine and even managed to talk all the way round for 26 mins instead of the first 10.
Fab run makes me want to go again but will resist til Sunday....happy happy happy

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what was that

Well I attempted to do the 3 miler today but the cosmos was against me
Only a slight drizzle but enough that I needed jacket on inspite of it being very warm.
Different route so didn;t start on a downhill and breathing took longer to settle.
Ipod hasn't charged properly so had to keep stopping and fiddling with it.
Had to stop and stretch really tight calves.
Needed the loo and got stung several times in the process.
Had to turn back as route was blocked due to resurfacing of road and therefore had to do an unplanned uphill.
Shin pain due to funny road camber.
Ipod again then text.
Finally managed to get home in 48 mins but looking on the bright side I didn't give up and finished strong again.
Think that an increase of 20 mins for the long run is too much, need to increse slower.
Next run Friday

Sunday, 6 June 2010

best laid plans

Well I wrote only yesterday that today I was doing the 3 mile route as I was getting on so well. Guess what? Did my usual route and that was hard enough. What went wrong? Several things. Had a very disturbed night and no it wasn't Hugh Jackman. Pesky hounds terrified of the thunderstorm which went on until nearly dawn so I was very tired when I got up, not good for a long run. I was also bloody stiff from Boxercise yesterday so thought it wise to take it easy today. It was also raining! Got home from Mums Sunday dinner with 3 baskets of ironing to do so was stood for a couple of hours doing that. Decided to go for a run anyway to keep to my new regime of 3 x a week. It was stiff and slow and seemed a lot harder today, Ipod quit in the first 5 mins and I had to listen to my wheezy breathing most of way round...note to self, take bloody inhaler before run and charge up Ipod. Positives...well I finished strong and I got out for a run and its done now until Tuesday.Pat on the back for keeping running when I wanted to walk. 27 mins is not to be sniffed at.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Can't believe ive not posted since March!!! Slapped wrist for me.
Well Im back and hopefully Im back for good. Got my running MoJo back.
Since March its been steadily decreasing and the gym work increasing but Ive been missing the sense of achievement I got with running outdoors and now the weather can't be used as an excuse.
Lost my way a bit, felt eachrun was a chore and wasn'tfeling good after, but in the last 2 weeks Ive run 5 times, I have dropped back to my normal route of 2.4 miles but tomorrow I am going to try the 3 miler, I know its forcast rain but unless its hammering down Im gonna go. The one problem I am having is I keep needing the loo and its partly why I keep doing my usual route, toilet availability. I mainly run in the mornings and I make sure I go before I run but quite often I still have to stop. The 3 mile route has no toiletsand Im sure its partly psycological but there are no hedges to pop behind, just peoples front gardens, not a good idea.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, will post after.