Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ouch again

Well if Im not fed up of things hurting.
After Fridays run the pain in bum cheek got quite bad and when I ran on treadmill on Sunday to do speed session it still hurt. Did 25 mins, 5x1 min 9kph recov 2mins 7kph.
Today I got up early, it was cooler thenkfully but run was hampered by calf pain and bum pain. Knew I shouldn't have run as when I was laid in bed my legs hurt then. So much standing yesterday ironing. Had to walk a bit as calves were very stiff and pain in cheek played up. Finished quite strog though and tried to change running position to more mid foot strike to help calves and hip.
Did a good upper body workout today as did a very strong leg workout on Sunday. Tomorrow is combat class and wont run now til Friday. Fingers crossed.

Remember, nothing comes from nothing!!!

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