Monday, 14 June 2010


Well yesterdays run didnt go as planned it ended up rubbish
Went out again with Pen but I had been ironing for 3 hours straight and I should have learned by now I cant go running after that, but no off we went.
Legs really stiff and heavy and even 5 mins in I knew it wasn't going to go well but thought no, give it 10 mins and it will get better. Nope
20 mins in I stopped to stretch but it didnt ease off and during one stretch something popped loudly. Started again and was ok for about 5 mins but then the top of my foot was really hurting and the outside of it was going numb, had to walk the rest of the way home, and had to take trainer off it was that bad.
Its a bit better today just sore if i try to stretch. Not running til wednesday so hopefully better then.
Positive note, still managed to do 20 mins before stopping, in the rain.

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