Saturday, 5 June 2010


Can't believe ive not posted since March!!! Slapped wrist for me.
Well Im back and hopefully Im back for good. Got my running MoJo back.
Since March its been steadily decreasing and the gym work increasing but Ive been missing the sense of achievement I got with running outdoors and now the weather can't be used as an excuse.
Lost my way a bit, felt eachrun was a chore and wasn'tfeling good after, but in the last 2 weeks Ive run 5 times, I have dropped back to my normal route of 2.4 miles but tomorrow I am going to try the 3 miler, I know its forcast rain but unless its hammering down Im gonna go. The one problem I am having is I keep needing the loo and its partly why I keep doing my usual route, toilet availability. I mainly run in the mornings and I make sure I go before I run but quite often I still have to stop. The 3 mile route has no toiletsand Im sure its partly psycological but there are no hedges to pop behind, just peoples front gardens, not a good idea.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow, will post after.

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