Sunday, 20 June 2010

New gadget

Forgot to blog my last run which went a lot better than the previous one so will do that now.
Went again with Penny but went a different route to normal and it was good.Harder in places than our normal one but that can only bring improvements-couple of hills but long enough into the run that breathing was settled and legs warmed up. Still having problems with really tight calves no matter how much I stretch but I am going to use foam roller more and Im going to do more leg work at gym to strenghten legs. Am also looking into the Prose method of running where your weight is further forward and you run on the front of foot, will post how I get on.
The run was 2.4 miles and by the end I was getting the numbness over right outside ankle, it does wear off once I stop running, am thinking its tendon issue, but have been and got new trainers so fingers crossed.
Have also so bought a nike+ wrist band so I can track my running, have finally got it synched with computer so am excited about that. Have done the mile circuit today and yesterday just so I could log something but legs really stiff after combat class yesterday.
Next run Tuesday so until then I will stretch and roller my calves

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