Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Not a good run

Went out today for an early run to avoid the heat but didnt go early enough it seems. Went out at about 20 past 8 this morning and already it was bloody hot and no breeze.
May have coped a bit better if my legs weren't so stiff. Did a leg workout on Sunday and I dont think they'd recovered enough. Calves were very bad right from the word go and didn't get any better with time. Stopped to stretch at least 4 times but coulnt shake it. I did 2.4 miles in end but had to run/walk. Never mind at least I got out there and did something.
Next run is Friday I think depending on legs,have got a combat class tomorrow night and if she does a lot of leg conditioning then who know, but we can but try.
Went to gym and did really strong arm workout so am pleased with that. Have also started on protein shakes to see if it will curb hunger and helpme lose weight. Had some tonight with porridge and then had tea and Im still feeling stuffed.
Phew its 9 o clock and still very hot, gonna have a drink and an early night.

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