Tuesday, 8 June 2010

what was that

Well I attempted to do the 3 miler today but the cosmos was against me
Only a slight drizzle but enough that I needed jacket on inspite of it being very warm.
Different route so didn;t start on a downhill and breathing took longer to settle.
Ipod hasn't charged properly so had to keep stopping and fiddling with it.
Had to stop and stretch really tight calves.
Needed the loo and got stung several times in the process.
Had to turn back as route was blocked due to resurfacing of road and therefore had to do an unplanned uphill.
Shin pain due to funny road camber.
Ipod again then text.
Finally managed to get home in 48 mins but looking on the bright side I didn't give up and finished strong again.
Think that an increase of 20 mins for the long run is too much, need to increse slower.
Next run Friday

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