Sunday, 20 June 2010


Just had to comment on something, I have just read my first blog entry and I can now see how far I have come.
I noticed that when I first started running I got quite anxious about leaving the house and now a year later I never think that when I go for a run-improvement. Now i often think oh god this is gonna be a tough run but usually thats just the first 10 -15 mins.
My first goal was to run a mile which is now no problem, the second goal was to do 5km which I know I can do( better be able to cos Race for Life is next month). I am struggling to do that distance all the time due to injury niggles but I want to make it a more regular distance. The last thing I want to mention is that I now use exercise as a tool to help get rid of my anxiety. I must say it works very well even though i can still get jittery before I start, once Im involved the jitters usually die off.
One last thing is I want to try positive affirmation to help my self confidence so Im going to try and finish each entry on a good note.
Todays PA is I have done really well in this last year, I have reached some goals and have stuck at running even when it wasn't going well. Im a runner with a years experience!!!

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