Thursday, 31 December 2009

So far so good

Here I am again and so soon after my last blog entry!
Two things changed, ive got new elastic laces and Ive laced my trainers differently.
Went out today and my feet/legs felt ok, breathing was a bit harder but theres a bit of a breeze and boy is it cold.
Took inhaler before I went and remembered my chewing gum. No wheezing and no dry throat so good.
As usual first 10 mins horrible, was waiting for rythem to kick in which it did, but didnt do long enough to completely get into one.
I think Im going to stick to 20 mins twice a week and maybe 30 mins once a week. See how it goes niggle wise and maybe I will get back to enjoying the running more. Think I was expecting too much of myself so soon. I also want to try trail running so will have to think up places to try.
Well this is the last post until 2010.
New years resolution is to try and get a better handle on things and to get problems like my back sorted. Oh and to have fun.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2 weeks off

Well since I last posted I havent run for 2 weeks and boy can I tell!
Hadto rest firstly as my tendon under my foot was really playing up which feels ok now so hope thats done the trick. Was also told to try loosening my laces which I have also done.Have just ordered some elastic laces off the net so maybe they will help me stop tying then so tight.
I have also ordered some running tights and a new top so maybe that will give me a bit of motivation as it seems to have gone south as I mentioned before.
Went out today and felt stiff right from the start, only managed 15 mins at the most, it felt rubbish. Breathing got straight into rhythem but felt wheezy and my throat was so dry as Id forgotton my gum. Also forgot my inhaler, am going to pop out for a little run againtomorrow and tyr to remember all the things Ive just mentioned.
Im going to take it back to 20 mins a time i think, just until its comfortable again. I am going to make it my New Years Resolution to write up my runs in the hope it will keep me encouraged.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Very Tired

Running has become quite hard these last couple of times, legs feel heavy, calves are stiff and today my ankles were sore.
Feel a bit fed up cos its seems to be getting harder not easier, and I havent really increased what Im doing, speedwise of distance. Doesn't help that friend is full of enthusiasm and has picked it up faster than me, feel a bit useless.
Ho hum

Wondering if I need to shake things up, I did the 3 mile yesterday and is was ok but not brilliant. Today I wanted to do the mile route and I did in 10.54 but I cant remember what my last time was so don't know if ive got better. It felt rubbish, I was too tired.
Thought about doing some hill work and maybe on a short run chucking in a few faster paces. Also want to go ontreadmill if poss, just for an easy run.

Just need to pat myself on the back for even getting gear on and going out even if its for a short run. Need to get my mojo back....

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Good run

Just a short 30 min run today---ha, never thought Id say that when I first started running.
Ran today with Penny and the last 2 timesIve ended up really wheezy, ok there were reasons, first run was headwind and the 2nd run had an early uphill.
Wasn't looking forward to it but went slow at my own pace instead of trying to match pens, much better and even had a mad dash last 500 yards.
Must remember to go at own pace, its not always easy to not try and go at someone elses but its so demoralising when you know you can do that distance but are struggling early in the run.
Need to take it easy until my breathing has settled.