Tuesday, 29 December 2009

2 weeks off

Well since I last posted I havent run for 2 weeks and boy can I tell!
Hadto rest firstly as my tendon under my foot was really playing up which feels ok now so hope thats done the trick. Was also told to try loosening my laces which I have also done.Have just ordered some elastic laces off the net so maybe they will help me stop tying then so tight.
I have also ordered some running tights and a new top so maybe that will give me a bit of motivation as it seems to have gone south as I mentioned before.
Went out today and felt stiff right from the start, only managed 15 mins at the most, it felt rubbish. Breathing got straight into rhythem but felt wheezy and my throat was so dry as Id forgotton my gum. Also forgot my inhaler, am going to pop out for a little run againtomorrow and tyr to remember all the things Ive just mentioned.
Im going to take it back to 20 mins a time i think, just until its comfortable again. I am going to make it my New Years Resolution to write up my runs in the hope it will keep me encouraged.

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