Sunday, 13 December 2009

Very Tired

Running has become quite hard these last couple of times, legs feel heavy, calves are stiff and today my ankles were sore.
Feel a bit fed up cos its seems to be getting harder not easier, and I havent really increased what Im doing, speedwise of distance. Doesn't help that friend is full of enthusiasm and has picked it up faster than me, feel a bit useless.
Ho hum

Wondering if I need to shake things up, I did the 3 mile yesterday and is was ok but not brilliant. Today I wanted to do the mile route and I did in 10.54 but I cant remember what my last time was so don't know if ive got better. It felt rubbish, I was too tired.
Thought about doing some hill work and maybe on a short run chucking in a few faster paces. Also want to go ontreadmill if poss, just for an easy run.

Just need to pat myself on the back for even getting gear on and going out even if its for a short run. Need to get my mojo back....

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