Thursday, 31 December 2009

So far so good

Here I am again and so soon after my last blog entry!
Two things changed, ive got new elastic laces and Ive laced my trainers differently.
Went out today and my feet/legs felt ok, breathing was a bit harder but theres a bit of a breeze and boy is it cold.
Took inhaler before I went and remembered my chewing gum. No wheezing and no dry throat so good.
As usual first 10 mins horrible, was waiting for rythem to kick in which it did, but didnt do long enough to completely get into one.
I think Im going to stick to 20 mins twice a week and maybe 30 mins once a week. See how it goes niggle wise and maybe I will get back to enjoying the running more. Think I was expecting too much of myself so soon. I also want to try trail running so will have to think up places to try.
Well this is the last post until 2010.
New years resolution is to try and get a better handle on things and to get problems like my back sorted. Oh and to have fun.

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