Monday, 24 January 2011

More running

I have done 2 outside runs I think since last post. One I had to stop before I got home as I felt very dizzy.
Have done a couple of tradmill runs as well. One steady and 2 intervals. The last interval I did ten mins warm up, then 8 times one min faster at 9kph and then 2 min recovery at 7kph. Then 7 mins cool down and 5 mins walk at the end. No dizzyness but hip hurt.
am going for outside run tomorrow weather permitting

Friday, 7 January 2011

first outside run of 2011

Well as the title says, today was the first outside run of 2011 and the first for a while.
Went well, inspite of the rain.
New trainers seem to be working well.
Breathing a bit wheezy, but have got a bit of a cold.
Seem to be a bit quicker, 11 min miles, must be the work on the treadmill paying off.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

good run

Wanted to get my first run of 2011 outside but the weather turned in the night and we had a covering of snow. Didnt want to risk it so gave in and ran on treadmill.
Surprisingly it went ok...well as ususal the first 10 mins I felt like stopping but after that it went well. I even upped usual pace from 7.5kph to 8kph for 15 mins....doesnt sound like a big increase but it felt it.
Felt very light headed when I finished which made me feel jittery.
Ah well.