Sunday, 30 August 2009


Did the third time of the 8/2 routine and it certainly went better than last time...thankfully

3 things were different,
it was early morning
it wasnt hot and
it wasnt windy....oh
and I picked a route with only a couple of small hills.

As usual 2 mins into the first run im moaning ( in my head), its too hard, my breathing isnt right, my knees hurt

Then I thought well just do the first section.
I did that and I felt quite good, bit of a warm glow to me but not running buckets like last time. The 2 minute walk part goes so fst now, I dont always feel ready to start running again but once i do the breathing gets back into a nice rhythm.

Once ive done the second run part i tell myself that if I just do half ot the last section ect I end up doing it all-Im still ready to finish though.

Still feel quite stiff but the main niggles have died down.

Next session goes up, run9 walk2 x 2 then run 8.

Will give it a try

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another mile

Did the mile circiut today and nocked off 25 seconds from my last run, down to 11.25 but don't feel that great about it.

It was hard, wasn't too hot but it was windy and headwind for half and that buggers up my breathing.

I knew I had started off quicker and then slowed down due to the wind and I did manage to push for the last bit but it still feels so hard despite the time saying Im getting better.

Not had a run for a while when I got home and it felt good.

I ran on Monday and it was way too hot, and there were a couple of inclines nothing big but they did drag on. I did manage all of the run but I went to far out and had quite a walk home.

Im going back to my usual run route next time, Im supposed to have one more 8/2 x 3 session but i think I may drop back to 5/2.5 x 4 just to get back to an enjoyable run rather than a completely knackered one.

Friday, 21 August 2009

A week!!

Well as the header suggests, its been a week since my last run. Been poorly and in no state to run but maybe thats a good thing as my legs aren't hurting yet, touch wood.

Today I really didn't want to run, felt tired it was windy etc etc.

Went out and it was not bad. On second part of the 8/2 routine and that was abit of a worry as Id not run for a week.

Went on a different route and I feel it helped. Ran around the fields for two sections of the run and then the third run section was on the road and inspite of it being the third run it was the easiest. Running on grass/stubble field is ok but harder.

Anyway, glad I completed it, any excuse for a Ice cream.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Bloody thing

Well not posted for a while cos I got a bit fed up. Running hurt especially the next day, and yes I know I should feel it, but it was pain rather than aches.

Been on the 7/3 ratio and not really feeling like its getting easier. Felt a bit stagnant but worried about going up to 8/2 run/walk because of the pain.

Anyway I have run the mile circuit a couple of times, and did it today and knocked 37 seconds off my first time so thats a big improvement. Really shouldn't have run cos I ran yesterday but wanted to try something out on my hrm.

Yesterdays run was the first of the 8/2 and it was ok. Last 4 mins or so of the last run was a bit hard. I know I have to push through when it gets a bit harder but some days are easier than others. I didn't realise how much of a difference it was but last night my legs ached like it was my first run so it must be harder than I realised.

Hopefully running again today wont have hurt too much. Im not running again until Tuesday I think. Depends how sore I am.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Worst run ever

I went out yesterday at about half 2 and it was so humid. I just couldnt run.
Well I did first rep of w3/r7 and it was hardish but I was going up hill so put it down to that.
The sweat was just running off me from then on. I started my second rep but 3.5 mins into it I had to walk as got light headed and my legs felt like lead. Did another min maybe of running and then walked for 3 and set off on my last set of 7 min run and although it was on a slight uphill it was so hard I was gasping by the end. I didn't realise this weather was so bad for running. I even sat outside in the drizzle for a couple of mins when I got home but the sweat kept coming for ages after, even after my shower.

Today Ive walked my dogs at half 8 in the morning and it felt the same. too hot and no energy.

Ah well next run is either fri of sat and I think Im going up a level to w2/r8. Depends how sore shin is.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

When does it get easier

Another run of 7/3 and its not getting any easier.

Didn't run yesterday as wanted to give foot leg a time to rest. It did feel better yesterday but today when I got up it felt sore again.

I did warm up and I took it steady ( no other way) but on second part of run I felt it start to pull again. Noy enough to make you stop, but enough to know Im going to feel it later.

My legs just felt weak today, especially my ankles.

Plus I cant get this fecking heart rate moniter to work as I want it to. I want to know how many calories I burnt but oh no it hasnt saved that info.
Just feels like a shit day
Completed the run but it wasn't a great feeling, Im also fed up of being sore and it not getting better.

Moan moan moan