Saturday, 1 August 2009

When does it get easier

Another run of 7/3 and its not getting any easier.

Didn't run yesterday as wanted to give foot leg a time to rest. It did feel better yesterday but today when I got up it felt sore again.

I did warm up and I took it steady ( no other way) but on second part of run I felt it start to pull again. Noy enough to make you stop, but enough to know Im going to feel it later.

My legs just felt weak today, especially my ankles.

Plus I cant get this fecking heart rate moniter to work as I want it to. I want to know how many calories I burnt but oh no it hasnt saved that info.
Just feels like a shit day
Completed the run but it wasn't a great feeling, Im also fed up of being sore and it not getting better.

Moan moan moan

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