Wednesday, 29 July 2009

So so

Went for my second run of the week 4 routine and it was ok.
Well I suppose it was better than ok but things are a bit sore and I dont want them to stop me running so dont really know what to do.

First part of run was fine, no problems. Second was harder as I ran across a field and it felt harder work. The moo cows didn't even get up lazy buggers.

Third section was ok, back on the road but it did have a bit of a long incline then a short downhill and I know Im supposed to be avoiding them but it went ok.

Trouble with doing a new route is I was quite a way from home when I had done all three parts of routine. I did a bit of a sprint for a short distance then a slow jog ( as if I do any other) then i did a cool down walk. At least it didn't rain.

Have just paired up my watch to the computer and it will send all my run info to it. Hope it gives calories burnt as I would be really interested.

We have also made a vow of no crap to eat, at least in the week and just one thing at the weekend.

I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow and try and keep a food diary. I know it will be really slow coming off cos of the AD's but even if I see small changes its a start.

Didn't like what I saw in the shop changing room mirror yesterday, but think it was a kick up the bum I needed.

May run Friday or Saturday, not decided yet

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