Thursday, 9 July 2009


Well Ive just started the second part of the routine, run for 3 walk for 3 and it was hard.
I did do all the runs but the last minute of each one I lost my breathing a bit. Im still in 2 minds to whether Im ready to increase the run time, but to be honest doing 2 mins was ok, its the decreased rest time that does make a difference.

i did warm up better by doing a bit of skipping and small stretches and I stretched halfway through while sheltering under a tree as the heavens opened. I think it helped because my legs didn't hurt at all today. Did wrench my ankle after jumping over a huge puddle.

Still trying to do better than I should expect, just too damn impatient. If I look back to the first run just doing a minute was relly hard and now thats a doddle so I need to look back over this in a couple of weeks to see how Ive progressed.

Talked to a lady who runs 45mins three to four times a week and she said some days its hard and you hate it and then it goes well and you remember why you do it, so I must keep going.
Next run on Sunday, off now to have a shower after my soaking. Hope my trainers dry by Sunday.

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