Sunday, 30 August 2009


Did the third time of the 8/2 routine and it certainly went better than last time...thankfully

3 things were different,
it was early morning
it wasnt hot and
it wasnt windy....oh
and I picked a route with only a couple of small hills.

As usual 2 mins into the first run im moaning ( in my head), its too hard, my breathing isnt right, my knees hurt

Then I thought well just do the first section.
I did that and I felt quite good, bit of a warm glow to me but not running buckets like last time. The 2 minute walk part goes so fst now, I dont always feel ready to start running again but once i do the breathing gets back into a nice rhythm.

Once ive done the second run part i tell myself that if I just do half ot the last section ect I end up doing it all-Im still ready to finish though.

Still feel quite stiff but the main niggles have died down.

Next session goes up, run9 walk2 x 2 then run 8.

Will give it a try

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