Friday, 14 August 2009

Bloody thing

Well not posted for a while cos I got a bit fed up. Running hurt especially the next day, and yes I know I should feel it, but it was pain rather than aches.

Been on the 7/3 ratio and not really feeling like its getting easier. Felt a bit stagnant but worried about going up to 8/2 run/walk because of the pain.

Anyway I have run the mile circuit a couple of times, and did it today and knocked 37 seconds off my first time so thats a big improvement. Really shouldn't have run cos I ran yesterday but wanted to try something out on my hrm.

Yesterdays run was the first of the 8/2 and it was ok. Last 4 mins or so of the last run was a bit hard. I know I have to push through when it gets a bit harder but some days are easier than others. I didn't realise how much of a difference it was but last night my legs ached like it was my first run so it must be harder than I realised.

Hopefully running again today wont have hurt too much. Im not running again until Tuesday I think. Depends how sore I am.

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