Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Another mile

Did the mile circiut today and nocked off 25 seconds from my last run, down to 11.25 but don't feel that great about it.

It was hard, wasn't too hot but it was windy and headwind for half and that buggers up my breathing.

I knew I had started off quicker and then slowed down due to the wind and I did manage to push for the last bit but it still feels so hard despite the time saying Im getting better.

Not had a run for a while when I got home and it felt good.

I ran on Monday and it was way too hot, and there were a couple of inclines nothing big but they did drag on. I did manage all of the run but I went to far out and had quite a walk home.

Im going back to my usual run route next time, Im supposed to have one more 8/2 x 3 session but i think I may drop back to 5/2.5 x 4 just to get back to an enjoyable run rather than a completely knackered one.

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