Thursday, 6 August 2009

Worst run ever

I went out yesterday at about half 2 and it was so humid. I just couldnt run.
Well I did first rep of w3/r7 and it was hardish but I was going up hill so put it down to that.
The sweat was just running off me from then on. I started my second rep but 3.5 mins into it I had to walk as got light headed and my legs felt like lead. Did another min maybe of running and then walked for 3 and set off on my last set of 7 min run and although it was on a slight uphill it was so hard I was gasping by the end. I didn't realise this weather was so bad for running. I even sat outside in the drizzle for a couple of mins when I got home but the sweat kept coming for ages after, even after my shower.

Today Ive walked my dogs at half 8 in the morning and it felt the same. too hot and no energy.

Ah well next run is either fri of sat and I think Im going up a level to w2/r8. Depends how sore shin is.

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