Sunday, 6 June 2010

best laid plans

Well I wrote only yesterday that today I was doing the 3 mile route as I was getting on so well. Guess what? Did my usual route and that was hard enough. What went wrong? Several things. Had a very disturbed night and no it wasn't Hugh Jackman. Pesky hounds terrified of the thunderstorm which went on until nearly dawn so I was very tired when I got up, not good for a long run. I was also bloody stiff from Boxercise yesterday so thought it wise to take it easy today. It was also raining! Got home from Mums Sunday dinner with 3 baskets of ironing to do so was stood for a couple of hours doing that. Decided to go for a run anyway to keep to my new regime of 3 x a week. It was stiff and slow and seemed a lot harder today, Ipod quit in the first 5 mins and I had to listen to my wheezy breathing most of way round...note to self, take bloody inhaler before run and charge up Ipod. Positives...well I finished strong and I got out for a run and its done now until Tuesday.Pat on the back for keeping running when I wanted to walk. 27 mins is not to be sniffed at.

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