Friday, 25 June 2010


Well i went out even earlier today, was outside by ten past 7 this morning and although it was very hot there was plenty of shade, thankfully!
All went quite well, certainly better than Tuesdays run. Legs felt ok, breathing was good, remembered to take both inhalers before I went and I did some warm up exercises.
Got so far into run and was undecided as to what distance to do, do I play safe and do the just over 2 mile run or do I try the 3 miler. Well its been ages since I did 3 miles and the race for life is coming up next month so decided to do 3 mile. Nike+ reads 3.48 but Im sure its only 3. Wasn't too bad, got bit of pain in left bum cheek near home that I can certainly feel still so will have a go on roller in a minute. Legs are very stiff now but I was out for nearly 50 mins which is a big jump from normal 28. Having at least 2 rest days in between certainly works better for me. Im going to try and get out on Sunday for my easy run of around 25 mins and then really want to get a speed session in if I can to up my cardio fitness.
Really pleased with run and getting out early ( thankyou Boo)

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