Monday, 26 July 2010

Oh dear

Well its been a couple of weeks since i last blogged and since I last ran. Im afraid those insoles in my trainers caused quite a few pronlems, mainly shin splints and plantar pain, but hopefully im on the mend.
It turns out I shouldnt have put corrective insoles into corrective trainers, stupid really but you live and learn. It may have been a blessing in disguise as im now visiting a lovely physio who apart from being a fellow runner is a hand on physio. She has helped already with my calves giving them a really good digging in which has certainly reducesd the stiffness. She also suggested different trainers as she thinks mine are too corrective for my mild over pronation. I have always had these sort of trainers and ive never had a pain free run so she could have something there. I have bought a pair of nike Lunar glides which are so squishy and it feels weird for foot not to be cocooned but maybe htey will be best left to sort themselves out.
I have done two runs in them one on treadmill and one around fields as Deb doesn't want me running on roads if poss.
Tradmill was ok although hip hurt but no foot or calf pain.
Field run was really good, took the hounds with me. No pain at all anywhere! Well apart from nettles and thistles on bare legs but next time will wear long trousers. Ground quite uneven so had to be careful and run was only mile and half but it really felt good and the dogs enjoyed it too.
Too early to say if the trainers are the answer but so far all good.
Will practice the stretching exercises she gave me, do easy runs, use foam roller and work on core muscles at gym.

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