Saturday, 25 September 2010


Didn't fancy running outside today as it was cold and blustery but it always feels a bit of a cheat that i ran on the treadmill

Today I did a Fartlek session, mixing up the speeds sometimes gradually sometimes jumping up a couple of K's and then slowing down. I did enjoy it and was surprised how quickly i started sweating. 5 mins warm up, 15 mins fatlek then 15 mins steady and cool down walk.

Didn't stretch enough but was pleased.
Calves and Achilles not to good for some reason. Not bad during the run but after theyre hurting and last night in bed both calves went into cramp and by god theyre still sore today....never had cramp to that extent before.

Im going to change my routines, I think 4 miles is too big a jump from 2.5 so for a while I going to try and do a couple of 3 mile runs a week and one 2.5 faster or interval/fartlek run. Will build up before I try a longer distance but i may have to admit that 3 miles is my distance. If i do 3/4 times a week than thats good. Im also doing spinning once a week and a couple of resistance classes and not forgetting walking the boys every day. Phew

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