Monday, 6 December 2010


Attempted a run on the treadmill a couple of days ago.
Id come up with a plan, I was going to plod really slowly witha short stride so as not to pull groin.
Didnt work. Wasnt groin but top of hip where waist band sits. Got off machine in a strop and was sat waiting for harry to finish weights.
Watched a girl do speed intervals on machine, 30 secs running then jump off for 30 secs.
I was so mad I thought Id give it a go.
Didnt hurt. Granted I'd pulled my waistband up a la Simon Cowell so it wasnt pressing on hip bone.
Ran for 30 secs on 9,10 and 11 kph and jumped off for 30 secs.
Got a bit of a sweat on and felt Id done something at least. The other problem is over my ribs where bra strap sits. Its ok to start but when I start to have to take deeper breaths it pulls the muscles so I can only do it a few times.
See how today goes.

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