Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I see Ive been slack again, its been a month since my last confession-sorry post...

The last post was the first time I had managed to run for half an hour nonstop. Well two things since then, firstly I have managed to keep up the 30 mins run, sometimes even a few mins longer.

Secondly, my bessie mate has decided to join the running brigade. She tried it before and hated it because she went off like a shot, up and down hills, and ended up completely exhausted and hating it.

We started out on the first section of the run/walk programme, but she's progressing much faster than I did- although it did take me around 3 week to realise I was going to fast when I first started..

She's loving it, even going to take her trainers on holiday nest week!! She'll soon be up to the 30 mins and then we can run together more often. Ive been going with her as often as I can but I still need to do my long run so its not always possible.

Yesterday I mapped out a route on mapmyrun of 3 miles as my tracker runs higher than true. about .7 of a mile which is too much.

Anyway I set off, bit cautious as I had a fairly good hill early on which I hadnt run before and I was a bit concerned it would tire me too soon.

Everything felt great, one of those runs where nothing hurt, breathing was right from the start etc. Got to the hill and it was all going like clockwork and then...I need the toilet.

I thought I'd carry on but it got worse, up to the point I got very concerned. I had to walk.

The nearest toilet was about 15 mins walk which thankfully I managed to get to before I disgraced myself, but I'd lost my running rhythm.

I carried on but it didnt feel so easy. Still had a 20 min non stop run but must admit I was dissapointed as it was shaping up to be a great run.

Ah well, thats how it goes sometimes, there's always the next run...

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