Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Another long one under my belt

Did another 3 mile run in 41 mins today. That knocked 2 mins off the last time, but more importantly its only the second time Ive done it so Im happy.

It had its hard parts and less hard parts.

I always start off not knowing if I can manage to run the full distance, knowing I'll be dissapointed if I have to walk some.
Legs were sore even after 4 days off but still carried on being the trouper that I am. Usually once you get into the run these niggles go away but they didn't today.

After 15 mins it got easier, mainly as I was going down hill and could take some deeper breaths.
Was glad to get the last hill out of the way and the last 500 yards I seem to be able to speed up.

I want to try and get some speed runs into my other ones so next run will run for 10 mins warm up then do a few metres at a faster pace then recovery pace a few times then the last 5 back down to normal pace. Hope it goes ok but it sounds hard....

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